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Patching HD loader and putting on CD as BOOT disk??

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Stinky_1, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    I have gotten my version of HD loader patched with a new loading sacreen and the other fixes for it. But I dont want to be running it off a memory card with a PS1 disc (I dont have one). What I want to do is take myt modded .elf file and some how put it back into the regular HD loader cd and have it boot up by just putting it in. My PS2 is modded to run a copied CD and DVD so there is no problems there. I just cant seem to find any info on how to do this. There has to be some sort of compiler program to change a .elf back into a regular PS2 game format.

    Please point me in the right direction, or let me know what my options are.
  2. Icemonkey

    Icemonkey Active member

    Feb 28, 2003
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    I haven't tried this yet but I have wanted to do the same thing although I haven't had the time lately. What I was going to try was opening the disc image of a download Free HD Loader image, open it with ISO Buster or any other such tool for extracting files from ISO images, copying the patched ELF file into the image over the old one and try reburning. I haven't really tried this yet but it should work I would think.
  3. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    the problem is that the original CD or even a downloaded one does not contain a .elf file. ONLY the one modded to boot into your MC has the .elf file. I tried using ISO buster to get into the contents of the original cd, but nothing was there to overwrite.

    I am thinking that for somebody to get that .elf file they had to convert a bunch of the original files into that other format. SOrt of "packing" them. SO I figured if somebody was able to MAKE a .elf from the original disc, then there HAS to be a way to change it back??

    Im still hoping for some info. I researched this this morning for a few hours, but have not found anything yet. Pretty soon I am going to start looking at the differences betwen the MC hack and the regular program to see if I can find some clues as to what is happeneing there. But I am sure that I could not take the .elf and throw it on a disc and hope it worked.
  4. MFOsaka

    MFOsaka Member

    Dec 27, 2004
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    What modchip do you have that allows you to play burned games? Depending on which one you have, you may be able to install the .ELF file directly onto the memory card and run HDLoader from there without a PS1 game being required. If I remember correctly, I think all you have to do is burn the .ELF file to a disc with something to boot it up and install it from there, but I'm not 100% sure.

    As far as I know, the DMS and Matrix Infinity modchips can do this. I have the MI mod and I'm able to boot up HDLoader without the need for a boot disc, so you might be able to pull it off.

  5. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    I have the duo2 se chip. Pretty much the cheapest one arround that can do direct booting with no swapping or fancy button pushing.

    I dont think I can load into the memory card without having some sort of disc in the drive. I could be wrong though.

    Still there has to be a way to patch the HD loader original disc, and burn it to a new disc and have it play like the original (with the updates) as long as you have a mod chip.
  6. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    I think I ficed it. I am burning a test CD right now. If so then it is a VERY easy thing to do. I will let you all know in a few minutes when I am done burnign and testing
  7. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    I think I ficed it. I am burning a test CD right now. If so then it is a VERY easy thing to do. I will let you all know in a few minutes when I am done burnign and testing
  8. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    I think I ficed it. I am burning a test CD right now. If so then it is a VERY easy thing to do. I will let you all know in a few minutes when I am done burnign and testing
  9. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    hmmmmm. I typed a reply, then it said the server was having a problem. SO I waited a couple minutes and tried again, only this time it hung up on me. Now I come back to find that it posted 3 times.

    Anyway I HAVE SUCCESS.

    This is really easy so get ready.

    Grab your SYSTEM.CNF file from your HD Loader disk. Open it using Note Pad. If right clicking on it doesnt work then just create a new notepad on your desktop, open it, then select "Load". Change the thing at the bottom to "all files" then select your CNF file. You will see it looks something like this

    BOOT2 = cdrom0:\SLUS_200.71;1
    VER = 1.00

    Where it says "SLUS_200.71" (or whatever yours says) change that to say "YOUR_PATCHED_FILE.ELF"

    So it should look like this


    Now hop into your Nero program and make a new CD. Put your NEW .CNF file in there as well as your new patched .elf file.

    Burn it

    Put it in your PS2, your done.

    What we did was the same thing as the memory card hack was doing, except instead of going into there first (which the .CNF file from the memory card says to do) we just told it to boot our .elf file right off the CD.

    I guess if we really wanted to you may even be able to tell it to boot that .elf file off the HDD. So you would only need a 57 byte cd as your booter, and the rest we go off the hdd. There isnt much point though. This seems to work fine.
  10. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    THe only problem I am having right now is that my new backgrounds are not working. I still get the old HD loader "FREE" thing on my screen. I am not sure if its an image format thing or what. Ill try a couple more and see what happens.
  11. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    I was just thinking....... I could put a program like "keylauncher" on a CD with a bunch of other apps, such as FTPlink, MC manager, and anything else I can think of. Then set my .CNF program to auto boot the keylauncher program. Then modify the launcher app for keylauncher so that instead of pointing at the .elf files on the MC it would point at the .elf files in a folder ON the same cd.

    That way I would not need to waste a bunch of space on one MC, and I could still do all those other things that everyone is doing with the mem card hacks.

    Plus you can always boot into HD loader from there easy enough.

    All I need is some more info on the contents of the .cnf files. But I am going to start a new thread for that.
  12. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    well, I tried my theory about keylauncher running from a cd. It does actually run from it, but for some reason it is NOT loading my KL.dat file. So it opens but there are no keys assigned to anything.

    Does anyone have a copy of the contents of their KL dat file?

    I changed my boot directories to run from the CD. I even tried by putting ALL the elf files just on the cd with no file folder, and I tried putting them in a file folder and linking them that way.

    I am pretty sure if I got the KLDAT file to actually boot into keylauncher it would run right off that CD.

    Also what I am trying to do is put Snesstation on there as one of the programs. And have the cd full with all my roms as well.This way I can have one master boot disc that will load my patched HD loader app, as well as my Snes AND would then load all my roms as well. This way I would NEVER need to change the cd in there.(which is my ultimate goal)

    I hope somebody could help me out here.

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