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Patching problem please help the newbie!

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by rissi17, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. rissi17

    rissi17 Member

    Jan 5, 2005
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    hello all,
    I am very green to this patching backup games to be able to play them online. I tryed to backup my call of duty with the original, but when I go to back up the disc, it will not take the patch. could someone please give me the idiot's guide to getting my backups to play online and getting past the DNA$ program. When I say an idiot's guide, I mean a step by step guide, please do not leave out any steps. if you would like to reach me directly, my email is rissi17@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for all of your help.
  2. ducatis

    ducatis Guest


    -Download the Disc Id Util. (email me if you need)
    -Burn the .cue file to a dvd
    -Load ps2 with the disc then it will come to a screen which will say "insert disc then press x"down the bottom
    -Open cd drive and insert ORIGINAL then close and press X
    -it should recieve the DNA$ id's.
    -write them down and do the process twice to make sure your getting valid id's

    -use dvd-decryptor then go to mode-iso-read
    -copy game to computer

    -use the id patcher(email if you need) then go and select file.
    -then click scan file, then verify version
    -then type in the id and click patch

    -open dvd decryptor and go to mode-iso-write
    -then select the file and burn at 1X or 2X

    Please email me to let me know how it went or if you need help!

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