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Pause between chapters (help!)

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by nimmo, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. nimmo

    nimmo Guest

    Hi, need some help getting rid of anoying pauses between chapters on my stand alone DVD player!

    I can succesfully rip and burn a dvd-5 no problem which plays back fine on my dvd player, however when i burn the main movie from a dual layer disc I end up with annoying pauses every few minutes between chapters. I use Nero 5,5,9,14 to burn.

    I can view the movie fine from my HD without these annoying glitches so im putting it down to nero?

    I read that you can click on properties and change the pause/gap length from default setting of 2 secs to 0 but I cant find this option. i click the properties tab or right click the files themselves and select properties but there is no such option available, only a 'hide' tick box.

    Also, I do everything from the guides including 'get VTS sectors' last etc....

    Does NERO sound like whats going wrong? Any one shed some light on this?

    Again, the films play fine, just with pauses between chapters!

    Many thanks
  2. nimmo

    nimmo Guest


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