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Payed for DMS3 V9 but got V2

Discussion in 'PS2' started by SingLung, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. SingLung

    SingLung Guest

    HI, i recently got a DMS3 modchip for my Silver PS2(scph 50002) which is a version 9, and according to this site only DMS3 v9 work on these console, but the when i went to update the Flash bios it says at the bottom of the screen DMS3 Hardware v2.0, is it really a v9 but it just says v2.0 because it works perfectly on my V9 silver ps2...or did i get a v2 instead of v9?

  2. lBUNDYl

    lBUNDYl Member

    Jan 5, 2004
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    I'm aware that you need a DMS V9 for V9 PS2 System. If you have successfully made back ups of your original games I think you can assume you have DMS3 V9 chip. You better check the BIOS you upgraded...maybe thats version 2.0
  3. SingLung

    SingLung Guest


    Yea i can play back up copies of ps2 and ps1 games and watch different regioned movies but i just cant seem to upgrade the flash or erase it, it just says "upgrading flash, Do not turn of the PS2" or "erasing flash do not turn of the PS2" and i when i place in an original PS2 game it will not load unless i hold on X or select, i thought it will default as PS2 mode if no buttons are pressed, Also how do i check the currecnt Bios version of the chip?
  4. SingLung

    SingLung Guest

    HI, when i go to flash my DMS3 V9 on my Silver PS2(SCPH 50002, PAL) at the bottom it says
    'DMS3 Hardware V2.0'at the bottom of the screen, does it say that for every DMS3 v9???, please have a check for me, the people who have DMS3 V9, thanks in advance guys :)
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