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PCSX2 issue

Discussion in 'PS2' started by din80, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. din80

    din80 Guest

    I have installed the PCSX2 emulator and bios and plugins into my laptop. When i went to File > run cd/dvd the following Error came up;

    Unable to load bios:'bios/',PCSX2 can't run without that - I clicked "OK"
    Error loading D:/PS2 ISO / DVD image: ISO - I clicked "OK"
    Error opening CDVD plugin - I clicked "OK"

    any help will be greatful1! not sure if PCSX2 is allowed to be in this forum since i haven't been able to locate another forum for this type of problem. Also i hope i have made this post understandable being my 1st post.
  2. varnull

    varnull Guest

    Well.. the errors are obvious really..

    can't load bios.. do you have any bios files?.. if so are they in the right location (listed in the emulator .ini file or config file)

    can't load D:\iso.. well.. was it an original ps2 game, a burned copy or a properly made .iso or .ing file?.. should really be on the hdd rather than on D:

    unable to load cd plugin.. well theres another one of the "do you have the plugin installed and configured" problems. It is used to play proper copies of disks or originals.. not iso or image files.

    PCSX2 doesn't really work.. seems to run about 3 games badly.. I gave up with it.

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