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PgcEdit v0.4.7 released.

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by r0lZ, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    [bold]PgcEdit 0.4.7 released.[/bold]

    * New "Delete Last PGC in Domain" utility to remove the last PGC of the LUs in the current menu domain, or the last PGC of the current title domain. In title domain, the last PGC must be the last TTN of the titleset and the last Title in the DVD.

    * Added a check for incorrect number of VOB IDs in the VTS_C_ADT table as a workaround for a DVDShrink bug in reauthor mode (number of VOB IDs saved in the table is always 1).

    * As a SPRM cannot be used as the first operand of the IF comparison, the SPRM option has been removed from the GUI of the command ediror. Also, a command with a "if ( sprm(x) ... )" will now generate an ILLEGAL SPRM warning.

    * Show Menu Buttons did not work when there were no buttons in the first cell of the PGC.

    * PgcEdit Preview v 1.5: Fixed a rare problem where preview was displaying black frames instead of the video.
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  2. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.4.8 released.

    [*] Option "When saving, leave at least 32K of space between IFO and BUP?" to help protect your DVD against defects and scratches. Use with caution!
    [*] Added File -> Burn DVD / Create ISO to create an ISO image with mkisofs and optionally burn it with DVD Decrypter. This method supports the 32K space option above. For Windows only.
    [*] When loading the DVD, a warning is issued if there are empty (0 byte) menu VOBs. Also, the stream attributes of the VOBs are resetted to 0 when the menu VOB is removed by the 'Blank Out All Menu PGCs' function.
    [*] Trace mode: Removed "WARNING: Trying to play cell 1 of a dummy PGC!" dialog when a dummy PGC is played. However, this message is still present if the cell to play is not cell 1.
    [*] Fixed rare a bug occuring in Trace mode when the First-Play PGC was played (ie. when the current position was on the "*** post-command" label)
  3. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.4.9 released.

    [*] Added the "DVDStreams Streams Remapping" macro to check if the DVDShrink option "Logical remapping of enabled streams" may be safely used in full disc mode with the current DVD.
    [*] Added a button "ISO639 language codes" in the Trace's Virtual Player Setup GUI to show the valid language codes.
    [*] The PGC breakpoints are now cleared when a new DVD is loaded, but still not when the same DVD is reloaded (including after a restore backup).
    [*] Burn DVD: Added an option to mount the ISO image using Daemon-Tools.
    [*] Burn DVD: Added a confirmation dialog if the ISO image already exists.
    [*] Burn DVD: The VobBlanker_backup folder is now automatically excluded of the ISO image, like the PgcEdit_backup folder.
    [*] Burn DVD: Miscellaneous enhancements and little bug fixes.
    [*] Burn DVD Bug fixed: The abort button did not kill the mkisofs process in the standalone exe.
    [*] Burn DVD: Free disk space was wrong on Win 9X and on foreign Win 2K/NT/XP.
    Note: The free disk space is not tested anymore on Win 95/98/ME/SE!
    [*] Shortcut to select all the Trace output changed to Control-Shift-A to avoid a bug with Control-a.

    Also, look at the homepage. There are updated and new guides...
  4. colw

    colw Active member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    Triple confusion - is this tripost meant to have any information or meaning?
  5. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    It's the version history of PgcEdit. Of course, if you don't know PgcEdit, you will not be interested on this thread.
  6. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit released.

    This is a last minute bugfix for 0.4.9. It fixes a bug in the DVDShrink Streams Remapping macro.

    If you downloaded PgcEdit 0.4.9, please download the update now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  7. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.5.0 released.
  8. kbearmone

    kbearmone Member

    Feb 17, 2005
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    Can someone tell me what PgcEdit does? I downloaded it so I could add menus to my avi that didn't originally have any, and burn them to a dvd. But I have no clue what I was looking at. I don't even know what VOB and IFO and all that other stuff are. Can someone one help me or find me a step by step guide?
  9. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.5.1 released

    * Menu Buttons/BOVs Editor.
    * Wrong display aspect ratio was used in the menu buttons viewer for group types sharing modes "normal" + "letterbox".
    * Fixed wrong highlighted target/jump to target in menu domains: the target was always in LU 1.
    * Moved the stream's VOB IDs from the Domain Streams Attributes to the PGC Streams assignments GUI, where they should be. The streans IDs are now hopefully corrects.
    * Linux standalone executables 0.5.0beta1 to 0.5.1beta1 were broken. The sources were OK. V 0.5.1beta2 is the first working 0.5 standalone exe.
    * Fixed a bug in 'Delete last PGC in domain' in title domain. The new total number of TTNs was wrong when a PGC sharing the same TTN number with another one was deleted.
    * Small bug fixed that prevented to "Delete Last PGC in Domain" if the PGC was created with "New Dummy PGC" during the same PgcEdit session.
  10. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.5.2 released

    [*] Added a Configuration option in the virtual player setup to load the PGN (Program number) instead of the PTTN (Chapter number) in SPRM 7. Many software and hardware players are not standard compliant on this point.
    [*] Added Export and Import options to save and load the color lookup table of the current PGC in the PGC Editor. File format: raw YCrCb color table (64 bytes, with leading 0 before each color) or RGB colors in ASCII format.
    The import function can also import the colors from a Muxman project, or from a VTS IFO file (the colormap of the first PGC is used).
    [*] Added an option to display the popup menus when the right mouse button is released instead of pushed. This option is not recommended, though.
    [*] Added an option to store the PgcEdit_backup in the root folder of the DVD instead of in the VIDEO_TS folder. Useful to launch programs that doesn't work if there are illegal files in VIDEO_TS (like WinDVD).
    [*] Added File->Incremental Backup. Renames the current PgcEdit_backup folder (adds the modification time and date), and creates a new PgcEdit_backup.
    [*] A warning is issued when entering the menu buttons viewer if several sets of menu buttons are found in a cell. Currently, PgcEdit handles only the first set. A new option to optionally scan for multiple sets of BOVs has also been added in the 'Scan for BOVs' dialog, and the scanning for sets of buttons is optimized for speed.
    [*] Multiple errors messages when parsing the VOBs for menu buttons are now suppressed. Take care: one error message means that the whole VOB is not correctly parsed!
    [*] When saving buttons or BOVs, the original highlight status is left unchanged so that the animated highlights (for example, in Spiderman) will now still be animated.
    [*] File->Delete Backup(s) is able to delete the backups created by PgcEdit, VobBlanker, MenuShrink and Windows (Copy of ...), including incremental backups. TitleSetBlanker backups are not supported anymore.
    [*] Burn DVD: Excludes the backups PgcEdit_backup*, VobBlanker_backup*, MenuShrinkBackup* and "Copy of *" from the compilation.
    [*] Better error trapping for file I/O errors (copy, delete, rename, makedir). Now, a dialog pops up, allowing to retry the operation.
    [*] Thanks to the demo version of the Tcl DevKit, the code is now a little bit optimized, and a couple of potential bugs have been fixed.
    [*] The last VTS's title domain BOVs were never saved. Fixed.
    [*] "Can't read "::buttons::butsinfo(*,hlendtime)": no such element in array" (and selendtime) errors when a new button was created are now fixed.
    [*] The total number of menu buttons or BOVs displayed in the PGC selector label was not updated after a Remove Cell. Fixed.
    [*] Trace: When in a button command, LinkNextCell linked to the current cell, and LinkPrevCell linked to the current cell -2. Fixed.
    [*] Fixed a little bug in the "Options/Install/Associate PgcEdit with IFO (or BUP) Files", when the association was already present, but was blank.
    [*] Problem deleting the DLLs in the bin directory when uninstalling PgcEdit is now partially fixed. You will need to delete them manually.

    Please note: DVD Decrypter (as well as has a bug when burning ISOs with some burners or medias. If you get an "Unable to recover TOC" I/O error after the completion of the burn, don't blame PgcEdit! I have tested a private beta release of DVD Decrypter, and this problem is now fixed. Please use DVDD or wait for the next version!
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  11. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.5.3 released

    It's principally a bugfix release. Please download it!

    [*] Added an option in Info -> Calls Cross References do delete the commands in the unreferenced PGCs, and to clear the Prev/Next/GoUpPGC links. May be used to find more unreferenced PGCs in subsequent calls to the Calls Cross References function. Also, another option allow to convert unreferenced menu PGCs to dummies, to easily blank them with VobBlanker.
    [*] Added "Delete All Commands" in the Edit (and popup) menu.
    [*] Important bug in v0.5.2 fixed: new buttons created in a cell originally without buttons/BOVs were saved only in the first nav pack of the cell.
    [*] PgcEdit was unable to parse the VTSM_C_ADT table if the table was present, but with no entries defined in the table. Fixed now.
    [*] Fixed a bug in the parsing of the VTS_C_ADT table, occuring in rare circumstances: a wrong Nav Pack number was read, causing the search for menu buttons or BOVs to fail.
    [*] Inport First-Play/Intro/Closing Clip: The cell commands numbers of the imported title are now forced to 0 in the cell playback table.
    [*] Added a little delay when the Open DVD/Save DVD file requester is closed, to avoid a little Tk bug.

  12. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.5.4 released.

    Fixes a bug in Import Startup/Intro/Closing Clip macros, introduced in v0.5.3.

    Also, there is a new PgcEdit_preview executable, by jeanl. Not a verry important improvment, but it's the first step to implement the preview under Linux (and maybe also under Mac OSX).

    [*] New PgcEdit_preview v0.7: with option to turn off the usage of DirectDraw overlays to show the preview, and an option to save the menu backgrounds as PPM instead of BMP (internal use only!)
    [*] Added "Preview -> Disable DirectDraw Overlays" (Windows only) option. On some systems, it may be faster to turn off the DirectDraw overlay display.
    [*] Shift-clicking on the "BMP" button in the preview window allow to save an image in PPM format.
    [*] Inport First-Play/Intro/Closing Clip macros were broken in 0.5.3. Fixed.

  13. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.5.5 released

    Thanks to jeanl, PgcEdit is now able to use PgcEditPreview.exe under Linux, through wine.
    Also, it may run under Mac OSX, through darwine. However, it has not been tested yet. I'd like to hear if it works...
    Of course, both wine (aka "wine hq") and darwine are free.

    [*] PREVIEW (and menu backgrounds) available for Linux, and probably also for Mac OSX. You must install wine (for Linux) or darwine (for Mac OSX) to be able to use it.
    [*] Added the Preview -> Use Preview option, to allow Linux or Mac users to turn the preview off, in case of problems with wine or darwine. Although not verry useful, this option is available also under Windows.
    [*] Fixed a bug in v0.5.4, which caused the display of 16:9 letterboxed menus in the menu viewer to fail.
    [*] When saving menu buttons, if you answered NO at the "Backup VOB?" request, PgcEdit offered to backup the VOB again and again. Fixed.
  14. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.5.6 released.

    A. = Added feature
    F. = Fixed bug

    [*] A. New semi-automatic macro "Jump to PGC upon DVD insert". It's a modified version of jeanl's "Jumping straight to the movie (or the menu) with PgcEdit" and 2COOL's "Jump2Pgc" guides.
    [*] A. Added "Swap or Copy Menu PGC" utility, to swap or copy the PGC parameters (cell table, color table, streams, VM commands, ...) from another PGC of the same menu domain with/to the current PGC. Useful to cleanup the menus.
    [*] A. Added the command "Delete All Commands in PGC" in the PGC Selector popup menu.
    [*] A. Added the utility "Delete All Commands in Domain", also available in the PGC Selector popup menu.
    [*] A. Added the function "Delete All Commands in DVD", available only by right-clicking on an empty line in the PGC Selector.
    [*] A. Added the utility "Blank out all Title PGCs in DVD", that calls the "Blank Out All PGCs in Domain" utility in sequence for all title domains.
    [*] A. Added an option to change the default colors of the GUI, requested by a Linux user.
    [*] A. Option "Skip Preview of short cells (< 1sec., without still time)?" in the preview configuration of the trace mode.
    [*] A. PGC Editor: Added an edit popup menu on the audio and subpic streams title label to copy and paste all audio or subpic streams assignments.
    [*] A. Added a button "All" in the search GUI, to display all occurences in a window. You may click on the buttons to jump to any occurence.
    [*] A. Added some icons for Linux users (included in the Zip archive), thanks to M7S.
    [*] F. PgcEdit_Preview 1.8 by jeanl. See history at the bottom of this file.
    [*] F. Fixed a little bug in Kill Playback macro that caused the display of an erroneous warning when killing the playback of a menu PGC with some cell commands (LinkTailPGC...)
    [*] F. A wrong path was used to store the configuration files on some Win XP foreign systems. Fixed.
    [*] F. Fixed a little problem when using an Alt-F# system key under windows: The tool associated with the F# key was launched instead.
    [*] F. Fixed a bug in the error message routine when a DVD cannot be opened successfully.
    [*] F. Fixed a rare bug in trace mode.

    PgcEdit_Preview 1.8 by jeanl:
    [*] Fixed a bug in original DVD2AVI code that caused the CELLID to be incorrectly read from the VOB file in some rare instances.
    [*] Enabled the original code to avoid an extremely rare problem where DVD2AVI finds a SEQUENCE_HEADER_CODE in the first navpack.

    Thanks to jeanl, 2COOL, blutach and Tobi for the beta testing of the difficult 'Jump to PGC' macro, and especially to jeanl and 2COOL for their guides.

    Have a look at the PgcEdit's homepage. Some new or updated guides are there, too.
  15. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    [bold]PgcEdit 0.5.7 released.[/bold]

    [*] A. PgcEditor: Added an Angle column ("A.") in the cell list. The angle value is computed from the Type Flags. "-" means all angles, "?" means error.
    [*] A. Added a function to remove the current LU from the IFO. The VOB cells are left unreferenced. You may strip them with VobBlanker easily.
    [*] A. Added a button "CellTimes.txt" in the Pgc Editor to generate the list of cell times needed to remux a clip with chapters. You may add an offset to the cell times if you want.
    [*] A. Added an option to hide the [hex codes] in the main commands listbox.
    [*] A. Added an option to go automatically to Trace mode whan a DVD is opened.
    [*] A. Shift-clicking on a PGC in the PGC Selector now toggles the breakpoints on that PGC (without selecting it).
    [*] A. Added a "Documentation" item in the help menu. It tries to open these files: "<PgcEdit install dir>/doc/PgcEdit_manual.chm" (under Windows only) then, if the file is not found, "<install dir>/doc/PgcEdit_manual.htm", then "<install dir>/doc/PgcEdit_manual.txt", and finally, it opens the online HTML version stored at VideoHelp.
    The old, obsolete single text file has been removed from the distribution.
    [*] A. Added an option to tell PgcEdit which web browser you want to use. Now, the homepages, online docs and DVD-Replica online help are available also for Linux and Mac users.
    [*] E. The shortcuts of the context menus of the PGC selector are now displayed in the menu.
    [*] E. Added tooltips on the edit buttons with the keyboard shortcuts.
    [*] E. Added tooltips in PGC Editor's color table to show the color number.
    [*] E. Added some tooltips on the labels of the cell list in the PGC Editor.
    [*] E. Added the Control-Delete shortcut to call the Blank Out All PGCs utility.
    [*] E. The "DVD modified, are you sure?" warning now allow to save the DVD.
    [*] E. New Preview 1.9 by jeanl. In info mode, the buttons outlines are displayed. Also, mfc42.dll is now linked in the executable, and is therefore not needed anymore under Linux.
    [*] F. Bug in the Search function in All mode: the line numbers were wrong.
    [*] F. Menu Editor: The Align button functions where not working as expected when the current button position was previously edited manually. Fixed.
    [*] F. Workaround for a Tk bug under X11 (Mac and Linux): a wrong height is calculated by Tk for windows with menus. Therefore, the OK/Cancel buttons were hidden in the menu editor.
    [*] F. Some display problems fixed under Mac (X11 and Aqua versions.)
    [*] F. Error when blanking a titleset when the preview window is open fixed.
    [*] F. "Save IFOs as" saved the modified VOBs also (in the original folder).
    [*] F. When the option "Store backup folder in parent of VIDEO_TS folder" is ON, the backup folder is saved now in the parent only if the DVD files are in a VIDEO_TS subdirectory.
    [*] F. Trace: LinkTopCell in a menu button linked to the previous cell. Fixed.
    [*] F. Fixed a rare bug when reading the menu buttons informations.
    [*] F. Fixed some english grammar/vocabulary errors.

    There are also many changes in the homepage:

    [*] New PgcEdit documentation, available online and downloadable in HTML or Windows .CHM format. See installation instructions on the homepage. Thanks to Blutach for this great work!
    [*] New installation procedure for Mac users, with a starter application. You don't need to install Tcl/Tk anymore. Thanks to Pucklock!
    [*] New guide by Blutach: How to use PgcEdit’s new Jump to PGC Upon DVD Insert Macro.
    [*] 2COOL's Jump2PGC helper application updated to v 1.55.
    [*] Link to a new guide: Menuing DVD compilations easy, by Bjs.
    [*] Updated version of Tobi's Beispiele.PDF.
    [*] Added the links to download the Test-SPRM-7 test DVD, useful to setup the virtual player (used in trace mode).
    [*] And more...

    Note that the old ASCII documentation (in english and french) has been removed from the PgcEdit distribution. Have a look at the Installation section on the homepage to learn how to replace it with the new HTML or Windows Help (CHM) files.
  16. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit 0.6.0 released.

    [*] A. Burn DVD / Create ISO support for Double Layer DVD+R and DL DVD-R:
    - The method allow the user to select the layer break in a wide range of cells (actually twice as wide as the 'standard' method)!
    - Added a GUI to specify the Layer Break cell.
    - Added menu "Options -> Burn / Create ISO setup" menu to call the Burn Setup dialog directly from the main window.
    - The Burn Setup window has been modified to include, among other things, the capacity of a single layer DVD and of a double layer DVD.
    - New starter app for MacOSX (v0.5a), by Pucklock, including mkisofs 2.01 (needed for the Create ISO function.) Thanks to Pucklock! Note that this new starter app starts the X11 version automatically instead of the Aqua version.
    [*] R. Removed the original link to DVD Decrypter's homepage in the Burn Setup dialog because this page is discontinued, and may be monitored by "a major DVD company". Replaced by a direct download link at VideoHelp.
    [*] A. Utilities -> Remap Title Numbers function to renumber the Titles. The references to the Title numbers in the VMG are automatically updated.
    [*] A. Utilities -> Delete last VTS in DVD function. Use this function only when the last titleset is not referenced!
    [*] A. Info -> Find Jumps To Nowhere function showing commands and PrevPGCN, NextPGCN or GoUpPGCN links jumping to non existing PGCs or Titles.
    [*] A. Calls Cross References: Added listing of jumps to nowhere references.
    [*] A. Added an option to display the PGC labels as text in the context menu of an empty line of the PGC selector.
    [*] A. Added shortcut Control+P to launch the PGC Preview.
    [*] A. Added the first step to implement plugins for PgcEdit in the future.
    [*] A. Added an option to change the default listbox background color to white when running PgcEdit under X11. (Linux, and MacOSX with Tk-X11 only)
    [*] E. After 'Clone PGC' or 'New Play All Title', the number of buttons of the new PGC is now displayed in the PGC Selector.
    [*] E. Menu Editor: Changed the menu labels Buttons -> Align vertically and Align horizontally to Align on same column and Align on same row.
    [*] E. Now, there is no need to select your Web Browser the first time an HTML page is opened under Mac OSX: the 'open' command is used instead.
    [*] E. Under Linux and Mac OSX, the config files are now saved in "~/.PgcEdit/".
    Under all platforms, the leading dot has been removed from the filenames.
    [*] F. Burn DVD: The calculation of the size of DVD-ROM files crashed when an empty DVD-ROM directory was present in the compilation.
    [*] F. Fixed some bugs in the Find All function: the line number (when the target was a pre, post or cell command) and the cell number (when the target was a button or BOV) were off by 1, and the button group was not always correctly displayed. The GUI has been changed also to avoid the Tcl/Tk limitaiton of the number of occurences that can be displayed in a canvas.
    [*] F. Jump to PGC Upon DVD Insert macro: when several LUs were present and the user selected the option to process all LUs, there was a bug in the reconstruction of the commands of the modified PGCs in LU 2 and following.
    [*] F. PGC Editor: The color table was not saved after an Import Colors from an IFO file.
    [*] F. An error occured when trying to hi-lite the target of a Jump command when the target VTS was not present.
    [*] F. It was sometimes impossible to close the "Go to calling command" window.
    [*] F. PgcEdit Preview Version 2.0, by jeanl. Fixes 3 bugs. See history below.

    Also new on my homepage:
    [*] New MacOSX starter app v0.5a, including mkisofs v2.1 (needed for the new Create ISO function)
    [*] New guide by blutach: How to burn Double Layer Disks with PgcEdit. (Discussion thread: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=96974)
    [*] Updated version of Tobi's PgcEdit Anleitung.PDF and Beispiele.PDF, updated for PgcEdit 0.6.0, including a guide on how to burn Double Layer DVDs.
    [*] Alternate set of toolbar icons, by Sweetness.
    [*] And much more...
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  17. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit v0.6.2 (December 2, 2005):
    E. PGC Editor's cells flags: The Access Restricted and the VOBU Still flags are now availables in the Cells Type Flags editor, rather than directly in the cells list. Previously, only the VOBU Still was available. The Type Flags button contains now two values, one for each byte. Also, some of the flags labels have been changed to reflect more closely the official terminology.
    E. PGC Editor: Added tooltips on the cell command number fields to display the current cell command. The cell commands numbers higher than the number of cell commands currently defined are now highlighted in pink. Similarily, the Prev/Next/GoUpPGCN link values are highlighted in pink if the target PGC doesn't exist.
    E. Enable All Operations now prompts the user if he wants to remove also the Access Restricted flags on the cells of the current PGC, when this flag is set on some cells. Warning: the Access Restricted flag is especially used by the Sony ARccOS protection. In this case, it should not be removed.
    E. Changed the listbox/entry default color to use the Windows default. Added Option -> User Interface -> White Listbox Background also under Windows and Mac OSX.
    E. Burn DVD: a new selector button has been added to select the DL media type from the main dialog. The Sectors in L0 value in the Burn Setup window is now ignored when burning a DL+R.
    E. Since ImgBurn is now stable and doesn't require the layer break sector number in his settings anymore, the dialog asking if the user wants to copy the layer break value in the clipboard has been removed when ImgBurn is used, and when a DL DVD-R is used.
    E. Burn DVD: when the log is displayed, the Save button uses now by default the same filename as the ISO, but with a _log.txt extension.
    A. A new menu "Options -> Install -> Install a plugin" has been added to help the novice user to install a PgcEdit plugin.
    E/F. The standalone version of PgcEdit now uses freeWrap version 6.1. This solves the problem of the mouse double-clicks being passed through the file open/save or folder selection dialogs to the underlying window.
    F. The Kill PGC playback function now appends a LinkPGCN command at the end of the pre-commands when the NextPGC link is non-zero and doesn't point to itself. Without this command, the PGC was sometimes played.
    F. Fixed the bug in Remove Cells function of the PGC Editor that caused the function to silently fail in some occasions.
    F. The Prohibited User Operations window was sometimes pushed below the main window when the Input Value button was used.
    F. Import Title Closing Clip crashed if the current PGC was a PGC without a Title number.
    F. Fixed a problem on some Windows systems where the web browser executable was wrongly considered as not executable by TCL/TK.
    F. Burn DVD: Workaround for a problem with mkisofs on some systems: Mkisofs reports sometimes an "Invalid node - -m" error when the backup folders are not deleted. Now, when this error occur, a dialog pops-up, asking if you want to delete the backups, continue w/o deleting the backups, or cancel.

    DVD Shrink plugin v1.3:
    - Added function to clear the Analysis cache of DVDShrink, to force it to recompute the analysis of the already processed DVDs, or to preserve disc space.
  18. r0lZ

    r0lZ Guest

    PgcEdit v0.6.3 released!

    [*] A. It is now possible to bypass a menu with buttons with Kill Playback. The user is prompted to select the button to simulate.
    [*] A. Pgc EDitor -> Create new blank cell: New interface. It is now possible to insert the cell at the beginning of the PGC.
    [*] E. Pgc Editor -> Create New Blank Cell: The GUI has been revamped completely. It is now possible to use an existing and referenced Cell from the original VOB file, or, as before, to create a new blank cell. The button to call this function has been renamed from "Create a new blank cell" to "Create a new cell".
    [*] A. Pgc EDitor -> Create new blank cell and Reassign VOB/Cell ID: Option added to reuse the last tiny blank cell at the end of the VOB file (available only when that cell has been created previously by PgcEdit.)
    [*] E. Pgc Editor -> Create new blank cell and Reassign VOB/Cell ID: There is now a Preview button in the GUI to show the selected replace cell.
    [*] E. Jump to PGC upon DVD insert: When the target PGC is in a menu domain, the last title played before the target PGC is now always called (but not played) just before the target menu PGC so that a valid resume point exists when the menu is reached for the first time. This method should fix the (rare) problem caused by the usage of a RSM command in the menu to call the main title. Previously, the title PGC was called before the menu only when it was in the same titleset than the target menu.
    [*] E. When importing titles in a DVD with parental managment, the user is now prompted to remove the parental managment of the original DVD, and when importing a menu, it is prompted to clear the parental managment IDs of the menu PGCs, if there are IDs in the menu.
    [*] E. Burn DVD: Interface revamped, and new option to close automatically PgcEdit after a successful ISO creation.
    [*] E. Burn DVD: The new ImgBurn 1.1 command lines options /CLOSESUCCESS and /WAITFORMEDIA are now used instead of /CLOSE (though /CLOSE is still used if the ISO image is burnt with DVD Decrypter.) Please note that you need ImgBurn or the "Close ImgBurn" option will not work!
    [*] F Burn DVD: The layer break sector passed to ImgBurn or DVDD was wrong when burning a DL DVD-R. (No problem with DL DVD+R.)
    [*] F. Burn DVD: Changed the way the backup files are excluded from the compilation. In v0.6.2, the old method caused harmless errors when the DVD files were moved in the new VIDEO_TS directory.
    [*] F? Burn DVD: Changed again the syntax to exclude the backup files from the compilation to avoid the mkisofs "-m" bug.
    [*] F Burn DVD: A batch file is now always used under Windows to call mkisofs, and the mkisofs command line is split in environment variables to avoid the line too long M$-DOS bug under Win9X.
    [*] F? Burn DVD: Redirecting stderr to stdout doesn't work under Win9X! Workaround: the output of mkisofs is not well checked under Win9X. For this reason, the user should take care of the error messages in the log!
    See the warning under Win9X when the Burn Setup dialog is opened.
    [*] F. Burn DVD: Wrong error message when moving the backup folders in VIDEO_TS.
    [*] F. Burn DVD: Under Windows, it is now impossible to type foreign characters in the output ISO field, because those characters are not correctly translated by MKISOFS, and therefore the file cannot be opened by ImgBurn.
    [*] F. Kill PGC Playback: The Set, SetCLnk, CSetCLnk or CSetLNK command with a Link to a cell, program or chapter were not trapped. Now, a dialog pops up to warn the user.
    [*] F. PGC Editor: Fixed a bug in the Cell preview: A wrong cell was shown after a Vob/Cell ID remapping.
    [*] F. PGC Editor: Toggling the Layer Break checkbox did not change the seamless joint flag value. This bug has been introduced in v0.6.2.
    [*] F. Command Editor - CallSS command: The option to resume at the point where the title was interupted (resume cell 0) has been removed, since this option seems illegal in all cases.
    [*] F. Remap Titlesets: The modified JumpSS-VTSM commands in the menu buttons of the VMGM were not saved during the operation.
    [*] W. Workaround for the pskill.exe problem with McAfee antivirus. It is now encrypted in the standalone executable, so that McAfee doesn't complain. McAfee may still complain when the real file is scanned in the bin folder.

    DVDShrink plugin v1.4 released!

    [*] DVDShrink Remote Buttons: Added the options to use the Prev Chapter button and/or the Return button to go back to the beginning of the previous title
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    PgcEdit released! (January 29, 2005)

    [*] F. Burn DVD: If the user cancels the layer break selection dialog, the dialog is closed, but the OK and Cancel button of the main burn dialog are still disabled. There is no way to close this dialog, and the user must kill PgcEdit.
    This problem has been introduced in v0.6.3, and is now fixed.

    Thanks to Tobi for the bug repport!

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