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Pioneer 105

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by davydav, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. davydav

    davydav Guest

    If anyone knows, what firmware should I be using? I don't know which one I'm using now. How do I tell?

  2. astroman

    astroman Guest

    Pioneer DVD RW DVR 105 Firmware i have on my is 1.00. Its working fine with me. I findout with Recordnow MAx 4.5
    If u not having problems dont try to use another firmware.
  3. davydav

    davydav Guest

    My 105 does not work with Prassi PrimoDVD 2.0. It says that there are no supported drives. What should I do about that?
  4. astroman

    astroman Guest

    Get the update for PrimoDVD
    Im using recordnow 4.5 thats the same as PrimoDVD but recordnow is better u can record dvds at 4x and all the Pioneer are supported.
    I try the update for PrimoDVD but i get run erron on windows xp. PrimoDVD and RecordNow 4.5 r made by the same company =)

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