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Pioneer A05

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by SmegHead, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. SmegHead

    SmegHead Guest

    Hi guys, i just bought a OEM A05 DVD-R,it did not include any software,Pioneer says use instant vob 6.5 and sonic myDVD,i cant seem to get these to work,burn failiers crc errors,films stoping after 1hr.I have White Label 4.7gb 2x and vivastar 120min 1x2x media.
    I have herd that pioneer have fixed the firmware to look for authorize tag on the dvd media, as on the TDK and pioneer dvds,therefore causing drive not to write correctly on media without this. is this true,or am i using incorrect software and media.Any help please.
  2. infantino

    infantino Guest

    I just bought the OEM Pioneer DVR-104 and have been doing research for these issues. Assuming the A05 encompasses greater compatibility than its predecessor the 104 or A04, I used:

    DVD Decrypter for ripping
    IFOEdit095 for editing and splitting
    RecordNow Max 4.10 for burning
    using DVDPro (Grade A) 4.7GB
    DVD-R Media Unbranded,
    White on top with
    Purple recording surface for General Use

    Got the media from meritline.com for $0.58 a piece. (I think it is only 1x recording though).

    It worked perfectly! I backed up The Lord of the Rings and even split it into two disks (it is a very long movie - 3hrs.) It played on my PC, my XBox, my buddy's PS2 perfectly.

    Email me if you want the burning process.
  3. BrandonSi

    BrandonSi Member

    Jan 7, 2003
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    I only installed dvdxcopy and I've no problems whatsoever.
  4. T2K

    T2K Guest

    The reason why your burner didnt come with any software is because it is not the a05 (burner w/bundled software) it is the 105 (bare dirve)

    ps. Would someone please post media that theve used with this drive also there experiances with the new firmware update.Thanks a million, Tim2k.

    shop4tech.com Guarantees ritek media to work
    but im not sure, havent tested it yet
  5. pastass

    pastass Guest

    I bought an A05 and purchased 4X media (I didn't buy the faster burner to burn slowly). I'm using:

    Editing: Pinnacle Studio
    MPEG Endoding: TMPGe
    Authoring: Spruce Up
    Burning: Nero

    I've tried the Meritline brand 4X disks (purple bottom) www.meritline.com

    I had 1 coaster out of 10, but in hindsight it may have been my fault.

    I used the Pioneer 2X-RW and they work great.

  6. T2K

    T2K Guest

    Have you got the new firmware update installed yet? how much was this media. I bought the 105 cause I know high price's on these frigin 4x disks wont last long.

    The new 16x dvd burners will be out soon, which means big time price drops on media. cheers!
  7. TeeGee

    TeeGee Guest

    I also just bought the 105.

    Your problem is with the media you are using. Did the same thing myself. Checkout blankmedia.com and click on each dvd-r media type tha they have. This tells you if they are compatible with 105/a05. Not all discs that work with the 104 will work with 105.

    I use Traxdata (only 1x but soon to introduce 4x) but I buy them from cd-rmedia.co.uk as I find them helpful and reliable (and 99p each!!). They are also near Stansted Airport and you can pop in to buy direct.

    Don't make the mistake that I made by assuming any media will work - it's not as easy as cd-r burning.

    I use DVD decoder (excellent), Ifoedit (tricky but I'm getting there) and have used DVD Decoder, Nero and Roxio Easy Cd Platinum to burn with. I find Nero gives the occasional error report even tho the dvd burns fine in Roxio.

    Let me know how you got on.



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  8. T2K

    T2K Guest

    excellent, excellent reply teegee. I don’t know what the exchange rate is though, have you checked out http://www.shop4tech.com yet they guarantee compatibility! What more can you ask for, but..
    I havent tried them yet so ill keep my mouth shut..tee gee is that some sort of European sport or something ?
  9. TeeGee

    TeeGee Guest

    Looks like a pretty good site - if only it were in England! Prices look reasonable, Ritek 4 speed for about £1.60 stg. My suppliers tell me that the Traxdata 4x will be about £1.49 each.

    The Ritek should work in the pioneer as they own Traxdata (who had gone bust and were rescued by Ritek).

    Unfortunately TeeGee isn't some wierd European Kama Sutra position - just my initials. When I was young free and single and lived alone I called the house TeeGee to P**s off the girl who wanted to live with me.

    Now I'm old, shackled and married (only 8 months in ) I just do as I am told!!!!

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