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Play divx and other files on PS2 slim v,12 Media player?

Discussion in 'PS2' started by touseps2, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. touseps2

    touseps2 Guest

    i would like to know how is possible to play video files like divx and other in the new PS2 slim, it is possible with the media player? how to install and download media player?

    you know some kind of aplication software to play this files on it.

  2. Dude2099

    Dude2099 Regular member

    Nov 4, 2004
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    Well youve got a few options get it chipped and find the iso for Media player or buy a AR MAX 2 or 3 the newest one and you can put your divx on thumb drives(thyre prety cheep nowdays) and play it from there, id say you could just play it from cds but that doesnt seeem to work with the slim ps2 from personal experience. but if anyone knows how to get it to work, please tell me!! :-D
  3. touseps2

    touseps2 Guest

    but from what i had read in this forum till today there are not any mod-chip that work well with the pstwo v12. all of them burn the laser and other problems, till now the only way is tape mod but in this way we could not have ar max 2 or 3.

    All also is too work to play divx from the thum usb, verey time that you want to play a different divx you have to copy to it. not make very sense

    wainting for new news and updates on new mod-chips that could work on new pstwo v12 and also a way to have a usb hhd to play games. how it is possible? if there is a way to have a usb drive and a new software that allows us to play ps2 games by the hard drive we still need a mod-chip?

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