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Play original xbox classic games on a flashed xbox 360

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by sollekram, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. sollekram

    sollekram Newbie

    Nov 30, 2019
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    so i know this asked before like hundred times, but when i search for an answer, either the links are not working etc.
    so i cant complete the tutorial on how to make it work.

    so my problem is, i have an xbox 360 flashed, and i want to play classic xbox games, when i insert to xbox 360 burnt dvds (no dl ) i get this error :
    "This original Xbox game has encountered a problem and can't continue. for more info, go towww.xbox.com/support"
    error codes
    x: 5832.0 B: 1884.0

    Note : i have already installed the compatibility pack through xbox live it was 7 MB
    the discs that im using are dvd 4.7 GB maybe thats the problem, im also writing them with imgburner, the exact way im writing an 360 game.
    i found something on the internet, to use XDVDMulleter to make it for dl discs, but the links are broken and i cant continue with the procedure.
    i also cant remember what lt ixtreme im having

    this is the tutorial that i found but the links and images are broken, this tutorial that I found is from the user:sicdude he post it on this website a long time ago.

    Softwares needed:
    1.XDVDMulleterSS,PFI,DMI files and Video Partition(SS file is in Security Sector folder, DMI and PFI are in Stealth folder) - Download it frm here:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JRZ81DCR
    2.ISOBUSTER -http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QXJB9MZF
    3.Alcohol 100% -http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3LOB2799

    Step 1: More or less the process needs approximatly 15GB of free HDD space Now run Run XDVDMulleter ( use one that I provided ) select 'View ISO details' and click 'next'. From 'Load ISO Folder', browse and load the XBOX.iso ( I will use Star Wars KotOR II.iso ) After you load XBOX.iso it should look like this

    Step 2 :Now you insert video partition from folder ( there are 3 partitions in folder try every one of them ) that you downloaded from link tht i posted above

    Step 3:After you are done with inserting video ( boxes should be checked [1] on mulleter as is show on pic ) insert SS PFI and DMI files into .iso

    Step 4: After you are done inserting all dose files mulleter should be like this

    Step 5iXtreme box its not checked) Click next to go back to the main menu, select 'Build/Rebuild files in ISO' and click 'next', select and load the XBOX.iso as before, click 'next' and choose 'Create a DVD9 ISO with zero padding (Xtreme compatible + Video)',

    Step 6:'next' and XDVDMulleter will check if the XBE is valid, click 'next' until you get to 'Make ISO' and click on it. You don't need at this time to load the ss.bin, dmi.bin or pfi.bin files After XDVDMulleter has finished,you should have another .iso (in my case its Star Wars_ KotOR II_mulleted.iso )open 'My Computer' and right click on the virtual drive created by Alcohol 100% to mount the XBOX_Mulleted.iso

    Step 7:Run IsoBuster and select the virtual drive Click 'Options' and then 'Communication', a new window will pop up, click on 'Read Settings' and set everything to 1 and click 'OK'

    Step 8:Right click on the main folder, on the left window, and select 'Extract DVD <Image>', then click 'User Data (*.tao,*.iso)'

    Step 9:Name the file and use .iso as extension, Don't press 'Save' yet From 'My Computer' right click on the virtual drive and mount the XBOX.iso, (Star Wars KotOR II.iso)

    Step 10nce it has loaded it, go back to IsoBuster and click 'Save'. After a while IsoBuster will report an error. Just select 'Replace with dummy data' and 'Always apply selection', click 'Selection'

    Step 11: When IsoBuster has finished, it will ask you to delete some files, (Choose 'No')and to save the .cue file. (you don't need it) After IsoBuster is finished you can delete XBOX.iso and XBOX_mulleted.iso DON?T DELETE .iso THAT YOU MADE WITH IsoBuster.iso Now let's run again XDVDMulleter and select 'Build/Rebuild files in ISO' click 'next' and load from 'Load ISO Folder' the IsoBuster.iso (Star Wars KotOR II IsoBuster.iso) in the 'Use Current Folder', 'next' and select 'Create a cloned DVD9 ISO (Xtreme compatible if the source is good)'

    Step 12:click 'Yes' when prompted. In the next window load the ss.bin file from your folder and click 'next', so for the dmi.bin and the pfi.bin files, click 'next' and press on 'Make ISO'. When it's all done, check with XDVDMulleter the .iso to see, that it has become an iXtreme compatible image. Now just burn it as x360 game with CloneCD or IMGBurn and play Note: This works 100%

    any help will be appreciate!!

    and sorry for the very long post..
  2. scorpNZ

    scorpNZ Active member

    Mar 23, 2005
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    Your better off playing them on a soft or hard modded original xbox.

    Emulation files are required for the 360 before you can begin which also requires the partition.
    It's been a while since i've messed with the 360 so....
    I doubt a flashed xbox will be any good without some sort of mod if i recall correctly for the way your trying to get it done due to he game needing to be installed to an internal hdd which i know is fact
    The link below will confirm if i'm correct or not. If you can't find the answer in the forum then & only then ask the question. Just copy paste what you have posted here. As i said game needs to be installed to hdd


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