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playing ps2 backup games with codes

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by uknown52, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. uknown52

    uknown52 Guest

    Hi everyone i just wanted help with playing backup games or imported games with codes.......i have gameshark2 v4 (burned) ar max which i bought and i went through all the guides on afterdawn and still no luck. oh ya i have swap magic 3.6 cd and dvd version and a slim line ps2
  2. khloud

    khloud Regular member

    Jun 21, 2007
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    You need a modchip since using swap magic obviously requires swapping discs, and using cheats requires swapping discs.
  3. uknown52

    uknown52 Guest

    NVM i found out how to do it with my backups and i got a little help from one thread....and im going to share with you guyz how i played my backup with codes.

    u need: Ar Max Evo (burned), swap magic cd ,A high TOC Disk (i use jak 3) and a burned game

    If u have a Slim ps2 then block your three sensors and if you have a flip flop then goof for you and if you have a fat ps2 then you need a slid card.

    insert your swap magic cd and let it load, after it has been loaded take out the swap magic cd and insert ar max evo, (if a black screen shows up with some information wrriten on it, then just ignore that and press x ) a screen will appear with the four smilly faces on it press x and a screen will appear and it will say ar max evo on it, highlight that and press x.

    when ar max evo is loaded, select the codes you want and press start and play it with the codes and then press x when it says " make sure the disk is inserted ".

    ar max evo will load up again(if the black screen appears again just ignore and press x) and the screen with the four smilly faces will apear again and this time press triangle not x, the lens will go back and the disk will stop spinning and take out the disk and insert a high TOC disk (i.e. Jak 3, tekkens, Nba live 07,08, gta etc) and then press triangle, the disk will start spinning and at the bottom left corner it will say dvd disk or something like that (if it doesnt say ps2 dvd then the disk u inserted isnt a high toc disk) and then just press x and a screen will appear saying insert a dvdr disk by the ea method and take out the disk and insert your backup that you chose your codes for.

    There you have it..........

    I wish This guide helped you


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