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playing wii iso, gecko and backup = no dvd found.

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by o0stich0o, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. o0stich0o

    o0stich0o Guest

    hey guys, im new to all this softmodding/hacking/modding stuff for the wii,

    and my problem is, i burn my game onto a dvd R disc (size 4.7G)(4.38 when burning) and once compleated and verified i put it into my wii,
    now, i go onto homebrew channel, click backup launcher and load it, press play game and it says no dvd found, so i try Gecko OS, play game, no dvd found.

    i have,
    Express Burn (tryed both on 2 dif disc's)
    wii (4.1)
    homebrew channel
    backup launcher
    Gecko OS
    But also in my homebrew folder i have:
    cIOS installer
    cIOS38r14 installer
    trucha bug restorer
    WAD Manager.

    i have went to install cIOS before and it compleated using the " cIOS38r14 installer" and selected the IOS version as IOS36, then wad install since i had it on my SD card, (i dont have wifi).
    i see people talking about an ISO2++ cant remeber the number, and im not shure if i need that and im not shure ho to get it.

    so im not shure what i am doing wrong here, so can someone please help me?
  2. o0stich0o

    o0stich0o Guest


    i have not tryed any other game but the new "Monster Hunter Tri"
    i am from the UK so not shure what type of wii i'm useing.

    i have been led to beleve that, to play jap inport games (monster hunter tri) i need to use gecko OS(i have newst version), and config its setting to force NTSC and have language on Japanese, i have these on and it still says no DVD found.

    iso info:
    Monster Hunter Tri 3 NTSC-JAP Wii ISO Compressed

    PASSWORD: tehparadox.com
  3. o0stich0o

    o0stich0o Guest

    just got cIOS249, also gonna go buy DVD-R

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