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Please help me my package arrives tomorrow and I dont know how to use it

Discussion in 'PS2 - CD backup discussion' started by Tony07094, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Tony07094

    Tony07094 Guest

    What's up room.. I own a pstwo (slim) & just bought ghost magic switch & Swap Magic Plus v3.6....I have Princo 4X DVD-R 4.7GB (Grade A) are these ok??? What are patches about & how would I know if I need then & where can I find them??? and can someone tell me how to install them???Do I need these patches to play online back-ups? If not how can I play my back-ups online? Sorry I'm new to this...my friend just put me on to backing up my games(but knows nothing) I will be backing up my original copies (i.e. not a download).

    also I have Nero, DVD Decrypter,and I can get Alcohol 120%.I know some forums have said to use DVD Decrypter only,but some say copy with DVD Decrypter & Rip iso files with Nero...what should I do??? and is burning at 1x the best??? Do I need any additional software???

    All help is greatly appreciated

    Best Regards,

    PS: I have a DVD -/+RW drive on my PC...
    PPS: Please forgive me..My package comes tomrorow..Im sooo excited but I dont really know how to use it...lol
  2. clouser

    clouser Guest

    welcome and i glad youv decided to mod your system as fro the princo dvdrs they are a horrible brand id go with tdk or or sony patches are for playing import games but arent needed with th swap magic

    DVD Decrypter & Rip iso files with nero works great just use good media and yes burn at 1x it lessens the errors that might happen when burning at high speeds other than that the ghost swithch will have instructions with it well happy gameing:)
  3. Tony07094

    Tony07094 Guest

    Thanks alot for the help
  4. clouser

    clouser Guest

    from your sig i see we have a twisted metal fan am i right? i love that game to death:)kicks hardcore ass.

    and im glade i could help:)
  5. Tony07094

    Tony07094 Guest

    Hell yea your right...Im a TW:B fan hardcore...and love all online games
  6. Jizmak

    Jizmak Regular member

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  7. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

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    You posted this four times and tried to hijack threads with two of them which is extremely rude! Mutliposting can and will get you banned.

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