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Please help with this damn A03 or A04 burning problem!!!!

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by thebach, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. thebach

    thebach Guest

    I have the problem of burning a DVD, and it will play on my computer and only on an Apex, but not be readable in any other standalone I can find, and this was with good media, more than one brand. This has happened with both my A04 and A03, with 4 different burning apps, and with different firmware. I know this is a burning problem, don't know if it has something to do with my IDE chain, whether or not the burner is slave or master, I just don't know, I just know its not software or media. If anyone has an idea lets hear it. I have an Asus motherboard running Win XP, Athlon XP 1800. Oh, and this doesn't happen to every disk I burn, but enough to tick me off real good! I have already tried switching from DMA to PIO mode, it didn't help! I would say I lose 1 disk in every 3 or 4.
  2. pipster

    pipster Guest

    You've already ruled out quite a bit there , not media , software or drive and I dont think the slave or master thing matters either .
    You could try removing things from your computer , like sound card , any other ide devices apart from the a04 of course . Try to reduce the machine to a video card , ram , h/d and dvd just to rule out the other bits and maybe even swap ram if possible . At least you know if it cures it your problem lies in something you took out and it might only be a driver thing . You could also try a fresh install while its in this stripped down state , that might help .
    Also what about temperature , does it get hot , can you take sides off etc to get some air in . My hard drives get red hot while working on DVD's and now have to sit in the cd bays with a cooling fan on them . Is it possible the a04 is getting too hot and there is an issue with firmware at the moment thats something to do with overheating of the drive .
    I hope these sugestions are some use to you

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