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please help

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by phuc, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. phuc

    phuc Guest

    I have a version 7 ps2 i buy a reset button riboon from richps2part.com i put the 10inch ribbon in but the reset button light do not show up please help out
  2. cyepumk

    cyepumk Guest

    you probably didnt insert the ribbion all the way.you are talking about the the silver ribbon that goes underneath the dvd tray and connects to the reset button?if so it takes alittle force and probably some needlenose pliers (that is what i used) to insert that ribbon.i dont know about the connection to the button itself,how that is suppose to go.i once yanked the cover off the ps2 forgetting about the ribbon and dislocated it from underneath connection.

    and if you do use needlenose be sure to tape over the teeth of the pliers so you dont scratchup your ribbon.
  3. Xmonkey29

    Xmonkey29 Guest

    reason why "blockbuster knows what u did" if i were u phuc i'd start running.
  4. clouser

    clouser Guest

    id use a set of large twezzers thats what i ues when i yanked mine out and use a little force like cyepumk saide (by the way hows the lead walls?)

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