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please let me be right...

Discussion in 'PS2' started by ::ness::, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. ::ness::

    ::ness:: Guest

    I ordered a USBMOD chip from modchip.com a couple of days ago. I have'nt received it yet but it should be coming in any day soon. I was browsing some sites when I came across the USB version of a Neo mod chip. It then said, in the description that it could NOT play DVD ps2 games. I quickly checked back on the modchip.com website and it DOES say that it can play ALL your ps1 and ps2 game backups. hopefully it really does play ALL ps2 backups, including DVD games. I just wanted to know if anyone has the USBMOD chip (combined with game shark 2 or action replay 2) and if it works with DVD based ps2 games?

  2. PS2_freak

    PS2_freak Guest

    Hi there! i know that the usb neo key adapter is no good for ps2 it will burn down ps2 inside on the mainbord becouse it is sending in maximum power all the time whwn youn play a backup games and till the end it will kill your ps2.I have talk to some people how have the neo key adapter to usb and they told me that.
  3. ::ness::

    ::ness:: Guest

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