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Problem burning with Decrypter

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by dayspring, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. dayspring

    dayspring Guest

    Hi I have a problem with decrypter
    I used shrink and decrypter to backup a copy in ISO mode and kept the copy on my HD, I lost the DVD and tryed to burn another copy of the movie using decrypter, used these steps Read ISO file from HD, then write ISO file to DVD, the movied doesnot play very well at all it frezees and skips where as the first burn did not. I am using verbitam 4x and using the same ISO file that i burned orignaly. Is there any tick boxes in the Setup that need changing when just using decrypter with out shrink any help would be greatful.
    I have had the same end results when using decrypter to backup a DVD which was less the 4.3Gb striaght to another without shrink. What am i doing wronge?
  2. dayspring

    dayspring Guest

    Can no one help me here with help to this?

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