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problem stripping subs

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by dvdlover1, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. dvdlover1

    dvdlover1 Guest

    Hi, i allready copied a few dvd's, but when i try to copy Driven i have a problem with stripping the subs. Because the movie is too large to fit a dvd-r i strip the audio and subs i don't need. I want the dutch subs and select them in ifoedit, but when i play the dvd in my home player it shows English subs. When playing in ifoedit everything is fine, but after burning and playing in my home dvdplayer it shows english subs instead of dutch.
    I took a look at the ifo files and found something strange:
    SubPicture 1: English (2-bit rle) (ID: 0x20)
    SubPicture 2: Français (2-bit rle) (ID: 0x21,0x20)
    SubPicture 3: Italiano (2-bit rle) (ID: 0x22,0x20)
    SubPicture 4: Suomi (2-bit rle) (ID: 0x23,0x20)
    SubPicture 5: Nederlands (2-bit rle) (ID: 0x24,0x20)

    Every sub has more than 1 ID and 0x20 refers to the english sub. I think that's the problem somehow.
    Does anyone know a solution for this? I only need the dutch subs (Nederlands), it's subpicture 5. Please help me out.
  2. ISULucky7

    ISULucky7 Guest

    Check the default language of the DVD player.

    My default is English - no matter what DVD plays, it play the English subs
  3. dvdlover1

    dvdlover1 Guest

    I know what you mean. My player is set to default to display dutch subs. But that has nothing to do with the problem.
    The problem is that no matter what sub i select on my player, it always shows the english sub. When i play the dvd on my pc (powerdvd) it shows the dutch sub when i select it.
    I think it has something to do with the ID's i mentioned above. Every sub has 2 numbers as ID, and allways 1 of the 2 is the same as the ID for the english sub.
    Normally i only burn the movie to dvd-r. Now i'm gonna try burning it with the menu, maybe that helps.
    But if anyone has any info, tips, please post them.

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