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Problem with ps1 backups

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Prime_vci, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Prime_vci

    Prime_vci Guest

    Hey guys its been a while and i notcie i have a problem... i was playing around with ibnes and it was booting in black and white... so then i try a orginal ps1 it boots in color then copy that ps1 game and it boots in black and white... i tryed a ps2 backup and it boots fine with color and everything then tried a backed up dvd it also plays in color and its fine... i was wondering if anyoen ran into this i did not find anything doing a search for ps1 only booting in black and white.... also forgot to add Useing a v5 witha a messhia 2 pro....
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  2. Prime_vci

    Prime_vci Guest

  3. Prime_vci

    Prime_vci Guest

    Ok if this could get any wierder i tested on my big screen wherre the other system is with compnent and it was in color but it back to my samll tv in my room and its in black and white witht he rca......... this is wierd....... another update to make it evan more wierd is i plugged it into a diff tv with rca and it boots in color.......im offical confused... msut be my tv but its jsut wierd everything else is in color...
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  4. billz

    billz Active member

    May 12, 2003
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    do you live in europe? proboly something to do with scart
  5. Prime_vci

    Prime_vci Guest

    No the usa i tried another ps2 it dose the samething on this tv i jsut fin it wierd everything else is in color this jsut leaves me stumped.... everythign is ntsc.. so i dunno whats up
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