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problem with swaping

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by elemnt55, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. elemnt55

    elemnt55 Guest

    I'm using gameshark ver 2 to boot the ps2 and i got a swipe card. I burned san andreas on a sony 4.7 GB DVD+R ver1.2/1x-8x. Burned it at 2.5x and when i swap it it don't werk. it wont get past the load game screen. but i burned the disc id thing on a cd-r and that worked. i also burned x-men legends at 1x and it dont werk
  2. MrGQ182

    MrGQ182 Member

    Dec 30, 2004
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    From my experiences here is the conclusion i have reached.... Its the type of CD you use

    Here are my problems they are similar to yours

    Created SNES on TDK CD-R - WORKED
    Created Sega on TDK CD-R - WORKED

    Created Smackdown Vs. Raw on DVD+RW by Imaginex - DIDNT WORK
    Created Grandia 2 on DVD+R by Maxell - WORKED
    Created Smackdown Vs. Raw on DVD+R by Memorex - Didnt Work
    Created Grandia 2 on DVD+R by Memorex - Didnt Work

    It was just my luck i only had one DVD by Maxell left when i burned Grandia 2. With My Memorex DVD+R's I had to give my DVD Burner a firmware?? upgrade so my guess is thats whats stoping me from playing the games. So I suggest older DVD+R's and the lowest speeds possible. When buying a stack of DVD's look at the top of the lid if there is a paper in there DONT BUY if you can see the DVD give it a shot

    I WHOLEHARTLY RECOMMEND MAXELL DVD+R's (Only if your burner could burn +R's if not try -R's)

    I have a version 4 ps2 and i believe the older systems cant read DVD+RW's I have wasted alot of money trying to get the right DVD's to do this.

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