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Problems installing subtitles *.srt file in output DIVX file

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by czolg, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. czolg

    czolg Guest

    I went through "rip subtitles with SubRip" without a glitch and have *.srt text file and bunch of *.srm files as well (do I need those?) I think that I need to incorporate *.srt text file into the 2-pass DIVX files by opening additional VobSub filter(?)within Virtual Dub. I downloaded both VobSub and DivXG400 and unpacked VobSub first hoping that VirtualDub will display VobSub filter. That didn't happen and I have so many files and instructions I don't know where to go. I hope someone can give me a hint, please be patient, I am not a computer genius!!
  2. czolg

    czolg Guest

    All right, I realized later I need to install additional subtitles reader and that is all, text file just sits beside DIVX file.
    How can I decrease audio sampling rate below 160kb/sec ? (I think that there is no need for so much audio data, but no lower settings are available)

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