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Problems Playing Backed Up DVDs

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by Ace1208, May 4, 2005.

  1. Ace1208

    Ace1208 Member

    Mar 22, 2004
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    I've been using DVDShrink for a good while now and have made upwards of 30 backups without any kind of problem. However recently when the movie is done encoding and burning the disc has problems playing in my DVD player and PS2. The problem almost always occurs near the end of the movie so when I took out the disc to look at it I noticed a dark ring around the inside of the disc about a centimeter wide. Looking back at all my other discs I noticed that they do not have this same ring. The ring comes after the disc is burned because the discs look perfect beforehand. I suspect it is this ring near the center of the disc that makes the movie skip and become distorted and eventually stop near the end of the disc. I thought that this problem could be the discs but I borrowed a diffrent disc from a friend and made a backup but the same problem happened. Then I took some of my discs to his house and burned one on his burner and no problem, so I dont think its the discs.
    So finally I sent the burner back to the place I purchased it and they said that it would be repaired but when I got it back it still does the same thing. However the burner still reads these discs just fine without the distortion near the end, and I figured that if this ring showed up on DVDs it would show up on CDs so I burned a music CD and it had no ring so I dont know if its the laser or some kind of software program.
    I have no idea why this just started out of the blue but it is causing me great distress. For your info I'm using HP DVD+r 8x discs and a Rosewill Dual Layer Burner. Also I use DVDShrink of course and it uses Nero 6 to burn.
    I hope you can help me but I cant come up with a solid answer to why this is happening. Like I said this problem came from nowhere I've been doing this discs the exact same way all this time and it just started. Please feel free to mention any ideas on what could be the culprit and possible solutions. I fear that I might just have to buy a new burner.

    Thanks a bunch for your help and I apologize for the long post but this is really stange and difficult to explain, if you have any other questions please ask, I'll respond ASAP. Thanks again.
  2. saugmon

    saugmon Senior member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    How fast do you burn those hp +8x?

    Some of this 8x media can be burned at 12x and even 16x if you leave your burn setting at max.

    Sounds like halo-ing?.

    HP disc quality can vary,even within the spindle. Cmags make some of their media so use dvd decrypter/dvdinfopro/dvdidentifier/or neroinfotool for the exact mfg code of those HP'S.

    Another thing to try is reducing your target in dvd shrink. Keep it between 4300 and 4360 mbs:
    Open up dvd shrink
    Click on dvd-5/scroll till you get to custom
    Enter 4300 mbs next to it

    Once you get established on quality brand media,then you can raise that target back up. I keep mine at 4360 mbs all the time.
    This can help take care of issues on the end of your backups. Also slow down that burn speed,maybe even 2.4x-again,media quality is a factor for how fast to burn them.

    You may have a heat issue on your burner.You could also try a small pack of maxell plus format media,they have some very good manufacturers and no crappy ones in their plus format,so far,LOL.

    I've had this halo-ing on my tv recorder,but only about 1-2 mms,not as extreme as you report.Switching media seemed to have taken care of it.

    You may even want to clean the laser lens of your burner.Some prefer compressed air,others prefer the hard disc cleaner.

    Just a few things that may help you out. Good Luck

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