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Problems with AnyDVD/1Click DVD, Disabled Drive

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by mjones89, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. mjones89

    mjones89 Member

    Jan 15, 2007
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    I have been unable to get this resolved on CDFREAK.COM, hopefully someone can assist


    I have been using AnyDVD/1Click DVD 5 for months. I recentlyl upgraded to I forgot to reboot, and successfully made to copies. Then, when trying to copy Sex and Lucia and Haven, the copy is made successfully (according to 1Click DVD (no errors), but when I put the copy in the drive, I can an error:

    AnyDVD is disabled for Drive H:!
    MEMOREX 16X-DDL-ILO YWS7 2005/08/19 18:42

    I do not get an error with the original DVD inserted (anyDVD obtains the proper information on settings screen), nor do I get the message with other copies that were successfully copied before. The copy will not play in DVD player or PC.

    When I insert previously copied DVDs, AnyDVD obtains the DVD information with no problem, including the two that I copied immediately after upgrading.

    I then uninstalled (except registration) anydvd, performed a regclean, and tried again. It still will not copy Sex and Lucia, or Haven, and I tried another The Illusionist, and same problem. It copies with no errors, but when I insert the copy, I get the disabled error, and the DVD will not play in DVD Player or PC. However, I was able to copy Crank. So it seems to be randomly not working on certain DVDs
    Answers to questions 4-6

    DVD-ROM is Memorex 16X internal DVD, not sure of firmware version, it's the original, and no update is available on Memorex website for my drive (MEMOREX 16X-DDL-ILO YWS7 2005/08/19 18:42)

    Media is DVD+R Memorex, 16X, 4.7G (same brand and type I have successfully used in the past)

    Burning at 16X (same as I always have)

    Any ideas?

    Horrible stuff . . . possibly the reason why you're getting faulty burns. Try Verbatim (CMC)

    But the drive disabling thing might be related to this:

    In particular, take a look at this post:

    I tried to upgrade to http://sandbox.slysoft.com/SetupAnyDVD6108.exe as stated above. I ran into the same problem the person that posted a similiar problem. Now when I copy a DVD (DVD is read with no problem, all stuff in anyDVD settings shows up correctly), and the DVD copies successfully in 1ClickDVD. However, when I put the copy back in the drive, instead of disabled error, I get the following error:

    No Disc is present in Drive H:!
    MEMOREX 16X-DDL-ILO YWS7 2005/08/19 18:42

    The original DVDs (tried several) and earlier copies of DVDs (tried several) are read properly, and I do not get the No Disc error. The version of anyDVD is now

    Should I roll it back to an earlier version prior How do I obtain It justy seems strange that I do not get an error writing the disc when coping in 1ClickDVD (reports successful burn), but copies do not work (either disabled or no disc depending on version)

    I am clueless. I never had this problem before, same drive and same media


    Please help!! I have been using AnyDVD/1ClickDVD for months without this problem, and when I upgraded to (and, that's when I began to have problems, so I am ruling out faulty DVD drive as CDFREAK suggested. Also, there are not any firmware drives for my DVD on Memorex website.
  2. laddyboy

    laddyboy Regular member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    Some prior versions of AnyDVD can be found here:


    You might also try Ripit4me (free). Disable AnyDVD when using Ripit4me.


    There's been some strange stuff happening the last week and a half or so.

    The Memorex media is almost always crap but may not be the problem in your case. Burning at max speed is also asking for trouble. A good rule of thumb is half or less the rated speed of the media.

    1-click DVD has its own share of problems. The 1-click mode of Ripit4me may be to your liking.

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