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Problems With Laser?

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by goku1113, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. goku1113

    goku1113 Guest

    I was hoping someone could shed some light on the problem im having, I have what i think is a Ver 3 PS2 with 10 Screws on the bottom which is chipped with a messiah 2 chip by a reputable chipper. Ive had the PS2 since release but was only chipped about 12mths ago

    I have a few backups which are on ritek datawrite media burned at 1x with dvd decryter i have problems with slow loading on EA games and problems loading during games ie with GTA SA while driving the buildings will disappear and and loading will flash up!! not good with 3 stars :p

    so is this the media or the laser dying
  2. rustyfanz

    rustyfanz Guest

    i don't think its the laser dying, because then it wouldn't load at all. it could be that the chip is a little old or has been jarred loose. or mabye the game wasn't burned right or theres a problem with the disc. i've heard a few people have trouble with GTA SA on ritek disc. i would say that with bigger games like those, get HP, Sony, or Teon. other than that, don't know what to tell you but i hope what i have told you works.

    ps, i sincerely hope that your laser isn't dying because theyre like $60!
  3. Winning11

    Winning11 Guest

    EA games r known to cause problems. There is a method where u could make games that r over 4gigs smaller. (do a search) i burned gta on maxell dvd-r and works fine.
  4. mtlmark23

    mtlmark23 Member

    Oct 29, 2004
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    DEFINATLY NOT LASER PROBLEM. I had the exact same problem with EA games. Extremely slow load time. Took as long as 15min just to get to start menu with fifa 2005. Burnt the game a second time onto different media, and it works like a charm. The media I used was FUJIFILM at 2X. Any japanesse media is reliable.


    Do what I did. take a taste test. Burn same game on each media, and time the start up on each, and then compare it to original. which ever loads quickest is the best, and therefore means it's easy for the laser to read.
  5. goku1113

    goku1113 Guest

    ok thanks thats good to know, the only problem i have is my burner is very fussy with the media i use unfornatly otherwise i would use verbatim as that seems the most popular and reliable, but i know i can use maxell and fujifilm disc's

    just another note Burnout 3, onimusha 3 work fine other than a slight problem with a level not loading on burnout 3, so the general thought is get better DVD-R's :)
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  6. goku1113

    goku1113 Guest

    I've bought some premium Verbatim's but they were not recognized by my MSI dvd writer, but i was going to ask ive got tiger woods on a datawrite dvd which takes ages to load, could i take a image from that though to write to a better dvd-r ??

    also im lookin at getting ritek (traxdata G05) dvd-r's as there the best i can find that are compatible with me dvd writer would these be better than the datawrites im using??
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  7. goku1113

    goku1113 Guest

    well with all the problems ive just ordered a pioneer DVR-108 dvd writer so i should be problem free for awhile

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