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problems with pioneer dvd RW dvr -104/RecordNowDX

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by tcusa, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. tcusa

    tcusa Member

    Sep 24, 2002
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    After ripping a dvd using DVD decrypter, I am using RecordNow DX's option to "burn data to disk". But this gives me an error saying bad disk. I was later able to make disk to disk copy with the same blank disk.

    I was wondering whether others encounterd any such problem or know a work around for it.
  2. tigerman

    tigerman Guest

    I have had this problem as well. I dont know the answer but i have found out the if you take the underscore out of the folders ie VIDEO_TS it will accept the burn command, but then the film will not run
  3. nesteaboy

    nesteaboy Guest

    Why don't you use DVD Decrypter to burn the DVD as well?
  4. tigerman

    tigerman Guest

    Decrypter make an image of the whole dvd as far as i know, i was just trying to get the film
  5. nesteaboy

    nesteaboy Guest

    DVD Decrypter can do both Image (ISO) and Files.
    Just switch to File mode and select all the files.
  6. nesteaboy

    nesteaboy Guest

    Once you process it with Ifoedit, use ImgTool to make it back into an image and then DVD Decrypter will burn it on the DVD for you. I've never had a problem with that.

    Burned about 30+ movies now
  7. tigerman

    tigerman Guest

    ImgTool is a new one on me, what is it and where lol. I have never heard of it or seen it in any searches i have made

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