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Problems with smartripper and Decrypter

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by GotNissan, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. GotNissan

    GotNissan Guest

    i'm trying to rip the movies Slackers and Loser, the dvds play fine on my dvd player and with PowerDVD, it appears as though smartripper has no problem unlocking the disc, but i cannot get access to the proper .vob files that i need to rip. some files are available but just some of the smaller .vob files that come on dvds. the only thing that i noticed about the two movies that i believe is different from the rest of the movies i have ripped is that when the dvd first plays it will ask you if you want widescreen or 4:3 ratio, then it will load up into the screen that allows you to look at the special features and ultimately watch the movie. does anyone know whats goin on? have dvd makers found a way to spook smartripper? i have downloaded some other rippers that i'm gonna try out. thx for any help
  2. GotNissan

    GotNissan Guest

    just as a side note, i also just noticed that both movies are made by Sony. Coincidence, i think not! i hope to get some responses

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