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Problems with TMPgenc and VFAPI Codec 1.04

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by bagris, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. bagris

    bagris Guest

    I am trying to convert "DVD to AVI". I pass well till DVD2AVI software i.e. i am able to create a .d2v project. But, when i try to load it in TMPGenc, it says format does not supported. Now, i have tried all possible combinations of software versions. But, everytime it says not supported.

    Another thing is that when i try to load the file in the VFAPI Codec 1.04 beta version and other versions as well, i am getting the same problem?

    -Any help?

    PS: i have directX 8.1.
  2. jkrishna

    jkrishna Guest


    Did you delete the .vob files from the Hard disk. If you did so, you can't open the .d2v file in TEMPGEnc. The .d2v is just like an index file which has pointers to .vob file locations. Make sure that .vob files are present in the drive during the TEMPGEnc process.


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