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Ps2 dvd

Discussion in 'PS2' started by civic420, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. civic420

    civic420 Guest

    Wizkid you use a dvd+r burner. i heard that only ps2 could only read dvd-r but i just bought a dvd+r burner and copy a dvd game succesfuly, I dont use a modchip to play my cd-r burned games but i tried it on a dvd game it dont work. What i do is use a game shark and when it says insert disk i some how swap it without it knowing. But is it the modchip that you use to allow you to play dvd+r burned games because my swap trick only works on cd-r games
  2. underburn

    underburn Guest

    I heard the samething however i put a messiah chip in my version 5 ps2 just like wizkid. I've had a bit of trouble with dvd+r, I've only made one succesful backup and that was to a philips dvd+rw, i know for a fact that datawrite dvd+r media doesn't work so don't try them. I'm waiting for a supplier to get some ritek disc's to try? apparently they work will let you know?
  3. civic420

    civic420 Guest

    So you meen that a ps2 wouldnt read a dvd+r. What do you mean a succeseful backup of dvd+rw. I dont yous a modchip what i do is open up the ps2 there is a red and black wire that goes to the disk tray motor so for it to open and close. I cut both black and red wire and added like a 2 foot wire one to the red one to the black and reconnect the red and black wire together and my seperate wire.I put the wire out a hole and closed it back up so when i want the tray to open i connect one to possitive and one to negative. If i want it to close i do the oppisite. So the ps2 didnt know i swap it cause i didnt press the eject button. That what a modchip does it dont let the playstation know that you are swaping the disk when you press the eject button. But what i need to know is Wizkid said that it works with a dvd+r and rw is it the modchip that making it to play dvd games cause my swap trick only work for cd-r. i succesfuly made a copy of a dvd game but it doesnt work when i try to swap it. I heard that the newer version ps2 could read dvd+r. I think i got a version 2
  4. underburn

    underburn Guest

    As far as i know only the version 5 onwards can read dvd+r. The messiah is an excellent modchip you don't need to do a swap trick it boots up any cd-rom,dvd-rom or dvd movie with one flick of the reset button, no swapping needed. Without any chip installed you can't play dvd backups im sure of it?
  5. Wizkid

    Wizkid Active member

    Nov 15, 2002
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    Oke this is how it is:

    The messiah in combination with my PS2 starts:
    CD-r/DVD+r/DVD+rw/EA protected games
    It also starts DVD-r (mayby DVD-rw). Since i have a + (plus)burner i don't know about -.
    It starts by puting the copy in the tray and turn out the PS2. Turn it on (now it is in standby - red light). Just press 1x on reset.
    It will start your CD-r DVD-backup.
    With DVD movies it's the same just press 2x (fast) on reset.
    It depends on what Version PS2 you have i heard.
    Some versions have probs with starting DVD+rw with the messiah installed.
    It's ok with Version 5 or higher I think..

    PS2 30004R v5

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