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PS2 help

Discussion in 'PS2 - CD backup discussion' started by 237, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. 237

    237 Guest

    Can anybody tell me if PS2 Refuses to play any DVDs whether copied or original does this mean that the unit has been chipped? also i do have the info of how to chip a PS2, but really how easy is it? Anybody?
  2. PimpDawg

    PimpDawg Guest

    So let me try to get what your saying here. Your Ps2 will not play any games on it? Being either original or copies? You gotta explain a little bit more there. If you had a mod chip in the ps2 and decided to take it out later on, the ps2 would act like it did when you first got it, meaning it would only be able to play "real" games.

    Chipping the ps2 is fairly easy, however it is a very time consuming job and has some very small solder points to hit. I have chipped a ps1, ps2, and xbox and the ps2 most definitely is the hardest to do out of the three. Just take your time soldering and you'll do fine!
  3. 237

    237 Guest

    Ye4 thankyou for answering and hey sorry for the time it has taken me to get back to you/OK firstly one of the PS2's I have will not play any DVD's Feature films! it will also not play copied DVDs but it works ok to play games on but not copied games,My initital question was, if a PS2 is chipped does it stop you from watching dvd's?. (2) Is it really that simple to chip the unit yourself? as i have all the info on what chip i need for my unit but no actual info on fitting it? if you could get back to me on this i would be keen to learn more!.(3) I would have thought the X Box was the hardest to chip as i have heard somepeople having the harddrive replaced?/How would you go about chipping the XBox? Thanks once again for showing interest!!! reply soon please.
  4. PimpDawg

    PimpDawg Guest

    Alright, I really have no idea why your ps2 will not read any dvd movies?? You may want to try searching for something on re aligning your laser to fix that problem. Or else you could always just get a new ps2 cd/dvd rom and that would most likely take care of the problem, but it would not be cheap however (probably around $50 at the minimum!)

    The reason why it will not play any copied games is because it is not chipped... You need to use some kind of method such as a modchip or a swap method to play your backup games.

    If you have a chipped ps2, it will still play your dvd movies fine. A chipped ps2 is just like an unchipped ps2, except now you will be able to play backup games on your chipped ps2.

    It is pretty easy to install the chip, but if you have never soldered before, I would most definitely suggest getting in some pracice first on a junk motherboard. Practice is needed because many of the points on the ps2 are very small and are very close to eachother, which makes it easy to bridge points together. For some help on soldering, check out this site: http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/solder.htm

    What kind of mod chip are you thinking about getting? You should let me know so I can assist you on if it is a good chip or not. What version ps2 do you have? To find it look on the back of your ps2 and on a sticker it should say "SCHP xxxx" the xxxx will be numbers. Give me that code and I will be able to let you know what ver. you got, unless you already know what it is.

    Chipping the xbox is very simple, there are only around 10 points to solder, 7 of them are on the pin install and that is just simple. After you install the chip you still have to do some work, like flash the chip, make your boot disc, and load up the dashboard but that is all easy stuff to do, the hard part is finding those utilities (but if you know anything about IRC and xbins, you will have no problem finding these things!).

    As for upgrading your hard drive, that is really easy! And you do not have to do this if you do not want to. The only reason why people do this is so that they can download games right to their hard drive and play the games off from them; so in other words, you don't have to put in the game cd in the dvd/cd drive, you just boot it from the hard drive and bam, your playing halo 2 right from your hard drive. Loading time is also improve significantly when playing games from the hard drive. You can always just make backups of your xbox games if you want, and then you will never need to replace your hard drive.

    Let me know about your ps2, and if you have any more questions concerning the xbox, just let me know, I'm here to help! Send me a private message and I will give you my AIM or MSN screen name if you ever wanna talk one on one about this stuff. Later!
  5. 237

    237 Guest

    PimpDawg well I must say that was impressive and yes i will definitely get back to you on this subject.
    I got ripped off the other week and in fact i am going to plaster their name all over the net! against people getting suckered in like i did! Firstly the main ad is titled how to copy playstation games! somebody on here has probably already saw this ad? but got wise not like me!
    Anyway the way the ad had been cleverly written gave no suggestion what so ever of having to chip the PS2,the guy who wrote this peice banged on about how he had gone through every book,and any info he could get his hands on to master the copying side of copying PS2 games for back up purposes only,and he was just about to put his fist through the screen when finally came the breakthrough!(BULLSHIT)//I read every where on this ad trying to find the catch? cause i thought there maybe another way to do this rather than a mod chip? well like an ass i paid up $19.99 dollars for this valuable info,and i was then given three sepperate links to click onto as i needed three pieces of software to accomplish what i had to do,all of these sites were freeware sites and the items cost nothing, and the book went on about this and that stating that there are 12 types of PS2? and it gives you all the knowledge about how to tell what version you have by the serial number on the back as well as the screws or screw holes laid out underneath the untit,Well what an ass i thought and this was before i was familiar with a lot of issues to do with the P.C as well as My PS2,If i had found a forum like this it would have saved me $19.99, And you can find this stuff advertise on a site called How to do it, i think that's the right name? well anyway i got set up here and stiched up good and proper, although the only peice i did learn was that it does give you the exact chips you need and which ones are tailored to suit certain versions of PS2 Once again my freind i thank you and will be back this way sometime soon,Come back to me again and i will reply to you personally if i have any probs fitting this chip? And yes i am used to soldering very fine joints.
  6. snidog555

    snidog555 Guest

    hi guys

    Please could you e-mail me at markham_n@hotmail.com on how to chip the ps2 because im doing my ps2 and i might be doing some chipping for my friend so i need to know how to chip the ps2 with out buying any parts for the ps2 and i am stuck

  7. PimpDawg

    PimpDawg Guest

    Well, if you have a the newest version ps2, the slim line, then you will need to buy an extra part that helps prevent the laser from going out. The company you order from might send it w/ the chip, but most likely not. If you have an older version, v1-11, then all you need is a 15 watt soldering iron, some solder, and some desolder brade.

    Here are some good sites for you to get started on...

    1) http://www.geocities.com/modchipzone/soldering.htm
    This will teach you how to solder correctly if you do not know how

    2) http://www.geocities.com/modchipzone/ps21.htm
    Check around this page and see what kind of mod chip to buy. It also has diagrams of how to install the mod chips and how to find your ps2's versoin.

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