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PS2 - how to play from harddrive - chipped?

Discussion in 'PS2' started by bjorne, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. bjorne

    bjorne Guest

    Newbie here (father who doesn't really play himself)!

    Have a chipped PS2 (Matrix Infinity), network adapter (original PS2) and a 15gb harddrive. I've got a copy of the HD Loader software. Some questions:

    1 Can I copy games directly from PC which is on the same network directly to harddrive?

    2 How do I format harddrive (I've not tried yet), in the console with HD Loader software? Or can it be formatted when in the PC?

    3 When all is up and running, can I start games directly from harddrive or do I have to mess around with start-discs or similar?

    4 Will buy larger harddrive >120gb, any recommendations on specs?

    5 Any other advice that could be useful would be very much appreciated, want to get it as simple as possible

    Saludos from Spain

  2. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    is this copy of HDloader a burned copy or original?

    Either way it should direct boot with your chip.

    SO just install the hd into the ps2 then drop the disc in and turn it on. It will tell you it needs to format for the first time, say yes and let it do its thing. Then you cna start installing games. Since its a 15 gb you will get 3 games on for sure and be pushing it for a 4rth or 5th game.

    You cannot put the hdd into the pc and try to format with windows. You can use a program called winhiip that will actually see the hdd in your pc and allow you to install from the PC's DVD drive or Disc image (.iso) directly to that drive. But since its only a 15 gb I would suggest that the time it would take you to open your pc and then install only 3 games is NOT going to be worth the hastle.

    When buying a new HDD just grab the cheapest one you can find in the size you are looking for that is on the compatible HDD list.

    In my experience having a larger (or any) buffer size does NOT make the games load any faster. In fact it seems like they load slower with my 120 gb maxtor with a 8mb buffer, over my 15 gb maxtor with NO buffer.

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