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Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by sprink, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. sprink

    sprink Guest

    okay. now for starters this is the info on dvd decrypter
    im using the swamp magic Slim Kit Pro Set v3.6 for v12-v15"slim" PSTwo
    HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GWA-4166B 1823 (ATA)
    Current Profile: DVD-R

    Disc Information:
    Status: Complete
    Erasable: No
    Sessions: 1
    Sectors: 2,294,320
    Size: 4,698,767,360 bytes
    Time: 509:52:70 (MM:SS:FF)
    Supported Write Speeds: 4x

    Pre-recorded Information:
    Manufacturer ID: RITEKF1

    Recording Management Area Information:

    Physical Format Information (Last Recorded):
    Disc ID: 0@P-!-00
    Book Type: DVD-R
    Part Version: 5
    Disc Size: 120mm
    Maximum Read Rate: Not Specified
    Number of Layers: 1
    Track Path: Parallel Track Path (PTP)
    Linear Density: 0.267 um/bit
    Track Density: 0.74 um/track
    First Physical Sector of Data Area: 196,608
    Last Physical Sector of Data Area: 2,490,927
    Last Physical Sector in Layer 0: 0

    im using maxell dvd-r 1-16x speed. 4.7gb yes i know there 3 for 2 dollars :( i think that may be it. im getting 25 verbatim disc DVD-R

    FOR 13 DOLLARS and 5 dollars tax so its 16 dollars

    Verbatim 4.7GB 16X DVD-R 25 Packs Cake Box Disc - Retail (are these good)?

    from newegg.com
    Now i went to burn street fighter anthology.. i ripped it.. and downloaded the mds fill to the dvd.. (maxell) i noticed the buffering was moving alot.. but it finished.. i loaded up my swamp magic 3.6 and it came up to the appropriate screen. it came and said "insert bigger TOC" i took out the swap and then put in the burned game.. and it paused for a second and said "invalid ps2 disk" i repeated the process. to make sure i did it correct.. and i still got that messeage i then tried a regular ps2 game and it gave a quick flash of the red screen and then went to the memorycard and game load up thing. i hoping it isn't the installation of the pieces. i believe i inserted it right..because if i didnt i don't thin the swamp disk would play.. well i need yall help please help me figure out what the problem is.. i am asumming its the disc. seeing as its so cheap 3 for 2 dollars....

    also is it possible to use dvd-r for the cd dnas reader and inputer w/ the swamp magic 3.6 dvd disc

    or do u need the cd swamp magic and a magic 3.6 cd disc?
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  2. steimy

    steimy Active member

    Dec 2, 2004
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    ok, first off check out supermediastore.com for discs.
    They have Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden discs for good prices.
    I would get the Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R silver thermal laquer premium line. But Verbatims will work fine too.

    1. is this a CD based game or DVD based?
    2. when it asked for a higher TOC disc that is not a screen i remember unless it is something new. But what that means is that you have to stick in an original game with a high TOC (table of contence) then swap it out for the back up. Like i said, when i used Swap Magic that was not the normal way. You stick Swap Magic DVD in, it comes to the main screen and asks for a disc, then you swap for the back up.
  3. sprink

    sprink Guest

    okay this is a dvd game... and it was put on a dvd.. and idk what the deal with it is... it says from the moment i open up the ps2 to swap invalid.. so i dont know what thats about... like i said i put on the original and press x and i loaded just fine..
    i really need help with this.. cause i wanna get this squared away
  4. sprink

    sprink Guest

    When i open the top it stops spinning.. im not sure if its supposed to do that.. seeing as the censor is supposed to be blocked...
    also It only gives me the INSERT BIGGER TOC ONCE I OPEN UP THE PS2 AFTER IT GETS TO THE SWAMP MAGIC 3.6 SCREEN. AND ASOON AS I CLOSE THE COVER IT SAYS INVALID DISC.. EVEN WITH THE ORIGINAL VERSION BUT I PUSH X IT WILL LOAD THE ORIGINAL.. Im starting to think that i didnt install the pieces correctly. although i followed directions.
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