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PS2 isn't reading ulaunch disc (I'm a newbie)

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by KuchiBoy, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. KuchiBoy

    KuchiBoy Member

    Nov 24, 2010
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    I made a backup copy of Major League Baseball 2k5 for the PS2, because it was the only game I have that has an ELF file somewhere. To do this, I used ImgBurn. I used Apache to modify NETGUI.ELF and change it's TOC and replaced it with uLaunchELF v4.42a. I burned it to a DVD-R with 4x burning speed and it worked okay, and I went through the files in Explorer.
    Next, I put in the original MLB 2k5 game in my FAT Ps2 and went to online, then right before the settings window I used the swap card trick and swapped the game out, and put in my copied game with the modded NETGUI.ELF. I continued without saving, and instead of booting Ulaunch, it went to the ps2's "Please insert a playstation or playstation 2 disk" (RSOD). I don't know what I've done wrong, and I've followed countless tutorials and none of them work. I've tried burning and modifying different files, and I've wasted about 10 DVD-Rs on this. What exactly is wrong?

    Edit: FAT PS2, SPCH-50001.
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  2. SonGoku21

    SonGoku21 Member

    Jul 25, 2011
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    To run ulaunch there is a strict list of games you could use. I only know of one game that will surely work. Try 007 Agent under fire. works like a charm, worked for me. Its like 3.99 at gamestop pre-owned. I used Dvd Dycrypter. Youll need:

    Agent Under fire.
    Apache v1.1
    Ulaunch noobie package.
    Usb flash drive.
    A ps2 memory card with about 3-4mb free.
    a swap tool (easily made from a credit card, gift card, youtube it if you dont know how to make it.)
    Img burn is good too.
    all needed software can be downloaded at sks apps.

    1. download noobie package at sks.
    2. after you extract ( if it was compressed) find, in the folder, the one that says Uncompressed.elf (something like that)
    3. rename it to driving.elf
    4. Make the iso image of agent under fire.
    5. open apache.
    6. select the iso.
    7. change the various values to what they shuold be in order for this to work.
    8. save the image.
    9. burn the image using imgburn to a dvd-r
    10.load original game in ps2.
    11. (And i dont know why people say timing is key, i switched it in the middle of the first level) swap the disks, but make sure your at the main menu, or while first level is loading up.
    12. Heres the hard part. beat the first level.
    13. now after you beat the first level, second level would start loading, but instead, ulaunch loads up.
    14. now here is where the usb comes in. put the freemcboot files on the flash drive. namely make sure you have the .elf file.
    15. plug in the drive
    16. press o. it should take you to the file browser.
    17. in file browser, scroll down to mass and hit o.
    18. select freemcboot.elf. it will be highlighted in green.
    19. let it run, then when the install screen comes up, select multi install at the top.
    20. let it run. it will install, then reboot.
    21. if a screen that says freemcboot comes up before the browser, then congrats you did it. if it doesnt, try and try again.

    note: agent under fire is the only game that will work. theres a guide telling yuo how to used 007 night fire, but i personally think that one is much harder. if you want you can use that one, though preferably agent under fire.

    ** I am not responsible for any harm that might, could, or possibly happen to your computer, PlayStation 2, to your physical being, or your emotional welfare, and or any other damages before, during, or after the events and or actions which you are attempting. I am also not responsible for any legal issues you may have concerning these events and or actions or anything remotely related to it.

    thank you for reading my blame-it-all on yourself disclaimer.

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