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ps2 laser question...please help me..

Discussion in 'PS2' started by BlastOnE, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. BlastOnE

    BlastOnE Regular member

    Dec 28, 2006
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    i was wondering.does anyone know where to find out what laser u have in ur ps2? i have a SCPH-39001 and i want to buy another motherboard but it says its only works with the 400C laser only.i want to get this motherboard because im having some problems with mine and i just want to know if my ps2 comes with the 400c laser already? or do i have to go out and buy a new one? please someone help me.
  2. steimy

    steimy Active member

    Dec 2, 2004
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    just do a search on any search engine for "PS2 Parts" and "PS2 Repairs" and you will find plenty of shops that sell lasers and parts. If they are any good they should have something that tells you which version each laser will fit.
  3. fatfatso

    fatfatso Guest

    Version 7 uses 2 types of lasers.

    1. Khs 400 C
    2. khs 400 R laser or Sanyo laser

    Your main board is capable of using 400 C laser, you should get a 400 C mother board. It is pre-programed into the EP-rom that you can not change the setting unless you're an expert like Sony re-sellers. They can re-program the main board so it will read either way (once it is program, it can only be overide with another setting). So, some one may already have the 400 C laser capable main board that you can buy from. The 39001 v.7 version is hard to come by for some reason, so go to ebay and buy one if I were you.

    Good luck!

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