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PS2 mod-chip problems ( possibly Ghost 2 )

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by Vaderise2, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Vaderise2

    Vaderise2 Member

    Oct 18, 2010
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    I think i posted this in the wrong section originally

    Hey guys.
    I'm a 30-something guy from the UK, and bought a chipped PS2 a number of years ago. I couldn't get it to play burned disks, so i boxed it and forgot about it. Now, i've come across this site, and thought maybe i could blow the dust from the console and give it another attempt ( with a little help )

    firstly, i'm unsure what the actual chip is as it has been fitted quite well and glued to the m-board. the solder all looks good.
    The topside of the chip reads:
    ProASIC Plus
    APA075 - F
    TQ100 0603

    I've googled this and get a few different results. Matrix Infinity? DMS4?

    Anyway, when i insert an original game the PS2 boots and plays fine.
    Any CDR or DVDR and the 'please insert a PS1 or PS2 disk' screen comes up.

    Searching this forum and other searches tell me the chip could possibly be in stealth mode, but i can't find any guide as to how to use the different chips, specifically to turn stealth mode off, or if i need to do some sort of button pressing combo to get a game to work. I'm guessing it's an older chip as i've had the console boxed for at least 18 months.

    I've also read that it is possible to access the chip and see what's going on, but again i can't find how exactly, and i've also seen the firmware can be updated, but not how to do it. ( i'm probably looking in all the wrong places so please don't shoot me down )

    Any help, signposts etc are very much appreciated.


    i found a couple of disks labelled 'ghost 2' in the box with the PS2. 1 says insert and follow instructions but when i do it just gives the same 'insert disk' screen. SO i'm gueesing the chip is a ghost 2 chip but i can't find any usage guides anywhere and the original ghost website i found has changed. Any help guys?
  2. vcbc

    vcbc Regular member

    Apr 15, 2006
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    Ghost 2 does indeed uses the actel chip. Unfortunately I do not know much about them. This forum is one of the less active ones, especially since people have lost interest in the ps2. Stealth mode is not your problem however. Some modchips can also be disable but when turning off the ps2 and turning it back on will enable it again so this is probably not your issue either.
    If you can confirm that you have a Ghost 2 mod, your chip firmware may of been erased to stock when it was shipped to you. (Blank = no illegal code = not technically illegal)
    Download Firmware 2.22 RC4 and read the instruction and follow it. It may not be the newest firmware, you may want to check eurasia.nu to see if there is a newer one. but you dont have to as the main point here is to see if this is the problem first.

    It may be the installation, and it also could be the disc you are using. Try a sony brand disc and do some 1:1 copy with imgburn.

    Pictures of the chip/install would be helpful. set your camera to macro mode (the flower) if available (this takes good closeup pictures)
  3. keebles

    keebles Regular member

    Aug 13, 2005
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