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PS2 modchips?

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Da_Killa, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. Da_Killa

    Da_Killa Guest

    Which modchip is the best? or tell couple of them that are good. Thanks

    DJGEOJOE Regular member

    Feb 17, 2003
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    Messiah 2 Pro is the only way to go, that is unless you are without means then Magic 3.1 will get the job done.
  3. jhnbnblzd

    jhnbnblzd Guest

    messiah 2 pro or the dms3 are going to be considerd "the best" but i have no problems with my magic 3.1.... i guess the trick is double the wire on the grnd/pwr points....my boot rate is great....it's not 100% but then again the only thing that is 100% is death...so i'll take my 95% boot rate and be happy with it!!!
  4. jr_

    jr_ Guest

    For most people the Magic 3.1 works just as well as the Messiah 2.
    The Messiah 2 is a different design and the boot code syncs with the system much better.
    The Magic 3.1 boot does not work well on some PS2's and you have to try several times to get it to start.
    On some PS2's you have to use a different solder point for W1 to get it to boot DVD's
    The Magic controller is cheaper and there is some compromise with the functionality.

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