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ps2 pal copying

Discussion in 'PS2 - CD backup discussion' started by barry1810, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. barry1810

    barry1810 Guest

    i was wondering how to copy ps2 pal games?(TOTAL NOOB)
    and if i can play them without a mod-chip.

  2. billid

    billid Guest

    pretty sure copying them would be the same as ntsc.. somebody else can say for sure.

    but to play them without a mod chip you will need Swap Magic CD Loader and DVD Loader with slide card.

    All my games use DVD Loader (I'm assuming it's because they are on DVD..little bit of a noob myself) the latest version of the loaders is v3.3 . just look for the PAL version when you buy it... could be that v3.3 is good for both PAL and NTSC. not sure, you'll find out when you do a search for them.

    Read around the ps2 borads. a lot of your questions are probably answered about 10 times already :)

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