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PS2 Slim, CB 9.2 - Backup Game Issue

Discussion in 'PS2' started by moikaiser, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. moikaiser

    moikaiser Guest

    ok, first of all i would like to thank in advanced to all readers that would spend few minutes reading my thread, also thanks to all those that are willing to help me, Thank You.

    My Situation goes like this, i owned a Chipped PS2 Slim, i believe as in chipped as in .. i can play my backup games.
    ok, i also have a CB9.2 on a CD-R, and currently i am having issues to play some backup games with codes, (CB 9.2)
    the message "Game did not start, Please Re-try" message keeps appearing...
    i have read a way to use something called swapmagic v3 and up, but the problem is, i also read that swapmagic 3 and up would only work if i own the original CD, which i dont..

    so my question is, how can i play my backup games on my chipped ps2 slim, with Codes from CB 9.2

    thanks again to all readers
  2. moikaiser

    moikaiser Guest

    something that i just figured out, is that using CB 9.2, with my original NTSC games, it actually works properly, but when i want to play my backup games it says "Game did not start, Please re-try"..

    i can play my backup games without any problem if i just play em directly without using CB9.2, but if i USE, it wont start lol..

    anyone having same issues? please? lol
  3. moikaiser

    moikaiser Guest

    ok, now i understand that since i have Chipped Slim PS2, i dont need SwapMagic, hence SM 3+ is out of the question ok... but still, i cant get CB to work with my Backup Games

    Note that i don't have HDD, for my SLim PS2,

    i am wondering what do i need to make my Backup games to work with CB 9.2, what i have at my disposal are MC, USB Pen Drive... what else? how to apply this to make my games work with CB 9.2 codes?
  4. moikaiser

    moikaiser Guest

    anyone? is anyone able to use cheats on backup games? if so, could please help me?
  5. moikaiser

    moikaiser Guest

    got the answer, will try to test it and see what happensÂȘ!

    1. Download the Codebreaker 9.2 ELF and place it on a USB memory stick its around 2.8 MB.
    2. download uLaunchELF v.3.80 CD.iso and burn it.
    3. Boot uLaunchELF on your PS2 and follow the menu options and explore your memory card.
    4. On you memory card create a BOOT folder.
    5. Rename the Codebreaker 9.2 elf you have downloaded to BOOT.ELF, all upper case, and copy it to the boot folder on the memory card, it should look something like this mc0:BOOT/BOOT.ELF
    6. Reset your PS2 while Holding R1 and CB9.2 should load from the memory card.
    7. Select your cheat codes and start game.
    8. Place your backup in the drive and hit X.

    from kingtut22 from afterdawn forums!

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