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Ps2 slim not turning on

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by amok1, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. amok1

    amok1 Guest

    Hello everybody, i didnt have time to look for other similar post but here it goes

    i have a 77001 ps2 slim (not sure what version it is). One day i was modding it with some LED's and i was wiring them through the usb port without a resistor.( i know ,im dumb) well i had them wired. I turned off my ps2 with the LED's still wired and turned the ps2 back on (LED's still wired) the ps2 looked like it was booting and after 3 seconds it turned off. Now every time i connect the power supply the standby light on the ps2 wont even turn on (the red light) is there someone that knows what i should do to fix it? Like a new fuse? Or power supply or something? Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. nicevibe

    nicevibe Member

    Jun 30, 2010
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    A short circuit of that type has the potential to caused damage to any number of components on the mobo. Finding the damage done would take more knowledge than I have, and fixing it is another story all together. I once made the mistake of attempting a mod to stop the motor that controls the laser assembly while the power was on. I got a lil too close to the motor with a screwdriver and caused an open-circuit bypassing the motor, which caused a short similar to yours somewhere in my mobo. Even after stripping the slim down to the mobo and closely examining it, I couldn't identify the damaged component(s). Needless to say my one-day-out-of-the-box PS2 never ran again so I salvaged it for parts. Which came in handy a couple days later when I messed up the power/reset circuit board on my new one-day-out-of-the-box ps2, while trying to run a relay line to a button I installed on my controller. Basically since you ran the current from the USB port the excess flood of electricity from the power supply through your mobo could have caused damage anywhere. Much like frying the mobo on a computer, your best bet is to buy a new one rather than the painstaking task of fixing it. And considering the price of new PS2 slims vs PS2 mobo... you're better off just buying a new unit.

    On a side note, since you got me thinking about it. I would really like to reattempt the failure I once had when I was noobish to console modding. The basic idea was to add a switch to the power input of the moter that controls the laser assembly. In theory this would prohibit a game from continuing passed a place of my choosing (right after TOS verification). Much like a scratched disc prohibits the next read command. I originally wanted to disable/cover the laser itself but figured it would be too risky to one of the most fragile components of the system. Basically I thought that if I could find the exact moment when TOS has been verified, I could pause the reading before it reached the next segment of disc, long enough for a hot swap while the disc was spinning. I was hoping this would cause the laser to go back and ask for new directions when it didn't find what it was looking for. Which is basically what happens when you hit a scratch in a disc. It should have been a very simple hardmod with enough potential to at least try. Unfortunately at the time I didn't have the common sense I have now. Perhaps you too will learn from your lack of common sense in this situation and grow from it like I did (no offense intended).
  3. amok1

    amok1 Guest

    Well thanks nicevibe for your response.its been almost a month since i posted this thread. Well back then i didnt have a soldering iron to solder the LED's through the usb port i was using tape to put the wires there. Also it was the first mod i did that didnt turn out quite right. I probably crossed the wires together without noticing. I also wanted to find out how to fix it so i could get a little experience on fixing ps2's. Like on some websites there were these threads that said that they were installing some LED's in there controller through the motors. they didnt use a resistor and blew a fuse inside the ps2 . To fix it they had to bridge one of the burnt out fuses. But now i bought a silver slim ps2 79001. And a ps2 30001. I successfully installed some LED's in my ps2 30001. But im am not going to open my slim ps2 because i dont want to run a risk of breaking it or something. Thanks for your help and yes it is cheaper just to buy a new ps2. I got my silver slim for $25

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