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PS2 to computer hook up

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Dj2enoll, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Dj2enoll

    Dj2enoll Guest

    Help i have been creating digital music with my PS2 & now i am ready to hook my PS2 to my PC to get the songs into my COOL EDIT 2 program. Can you help Please.

    DJGEOJOE Regular member

    Feb 17, 2003
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    Purchase a cable that has RCA type female to mini phono stereo. This cable can be purchased at radio shack or other electronic store. Connect the video cable of your PS2 to your TV so you can see what you are doing and the audio left and right to the RCA female connections of the cable mentioned above. Plug the other end into your sound card line input connection. Open your mixer program and select recording properties. Select line input for the recording source. Open Cool Edit and hit record button, select desired recording options when pop up window is displayed no less than 44kHz 16Bit stereo if CD quality is desired. Once you select ‘OK’ begin your music playback on the PS2. Cool Edit should have a sound level bar at the bottom of the screen to indicate recording volume. If recording volume is not high enough go back to the mixer program and set recording level higher. If level is already set to max use cool edit to amplify the recording. If the level meter is bouncing in the red (above 0dB) reduce the recording level for the line input of the mixer. Once complete press stop in cool edit and edit out the dead space at the beginning and end of the wave file. Save as PCM Wave or MP3 as you desire, that’s it!

    If you have a SB Audigy Platinum you can purchase a fiber optic cable from any electronic store and connect the Fiber optic cable to the PS2 out to the front input of the audigy. Use the steps above but set the recording source to optic input not line.
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  3. Dj2enoll

    Dj2enoll Guest

    Thanx agin all help is appreciated

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