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ps2 v13 rgb HELP! ps2 about to go down stairs!!

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by dranaut, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. dranaut

    dranaut Guest

    hey guys,

    my old tv just blew up not along ago and not being too rich nor liking the lcd's in my price range i opted for a 76cm hitachi wide screen (which i absolutely love). this tv's best input is a scart capable of rgb so i planned on using this for my ps2. i managed to source a ps2 rgb scart cable from ebay. my tv detects which input its using, whether it be composite, s-video or rgb so i know i got a properly wired cable and am quite pleased. games on my ps2 look fantastic....... then i tried a movie and of course i encountered the old ps2 rgb sync on green problem. i found out that when playing games the ps2 outputs rgb no problem but when it switches to dvd it automatically goes into component mode which my tv does not support. i looked around and found with the old ps2 (the fat ones) there was a simple bridge you could do on the motherboard to disable to automatic component switch and force rgb output for dvd's. i have a v13 ps2, one of the slimline ones. does anybody know i can do a similar bridge on my ps2.

    the ps2 is looking like it would give a fairly good output to my front steps at the moment. definately not happy.

    any help much appreciated guys,
    was so looking forward to the rgb, had composite for soooo long.

  2. dranaut

    dranaut Guest

    well i managed to find a solution, mcloader has a dvd region free with sync on green removal that works on the slimline ps2. so i installed mcloader to memory card, boot that with swapmagic if i want to watch a dvd and hit my toc switch. (i superglued the sensors that the magic keys press down to fool the ps2 lid and installed a little button to release one for a second so i can refresh toc without messing around with the bits of plastic)


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