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Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by Phillish, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Phillish

    Phillish Member

    Jun 20, 2007
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    Okay, I have one successfully hacked PSP. I gave that to a friend who was too poor to afford one (his family's in a financial crisis and are having a hard time.) He was so excited when i told him it came with downloaded games which meant he didn't have to buy any. (at the moment he loves Rainbow six VEGAS... thanks iso uploaders for that....) I went and bought one PSP and stuffed up the downgrading process accidently upgrading to 3.03. I quickly returned it saying I didn't want white and got a black after the ordered more in (they were out of stock. Thats why I got white) To my dismay I received a PSP with 3.11 firmware WITH a TA-082 motherboard these were probably SONY's anti hacker PSP ones. Talk about hard luck. I returned that too. Whoops. I then discovered MOD chips. Now there are two. I am willing to pay $480 for a pre-installed MOD chipped PSP (UP) But I have also discovered the PSP DEVOLUTION chip. Its cheaper than the UP chip and cheaper to install. A cheaper solution but a better one? For those also have TA-082 and 3.04 firmware and up problems this is gonna help you heaps. But it costs money. So this is not a "download and click" solution. But I want to know, which is better? And if anyone has these Chips, do tell me about them and your diagnosis. So thats my problem. Its a fair bit to read if you dont know about these chips so thanks for reading in the first place.


    well, for those who don't know what I'm on about, here's what I know:

    For those with the dreaded TA-082 motherboards, the PSP DEVOLUTION CHIP IS FOR YOU! THIS IS THE SOLUTION! The Devolution chip can downgrade ANY... yes ANY PSP to 1.5 via PC USB. The PSP can be programmed and downgraded from the PC itself, meaning the chip is not powered by the PSP... which means no POWER CONSUMPTION from your PSP. That means, if you have 3.03 above firmware and want to downgrade. YOU CAN! AND if you have a TA-O82 or the TA-086 they too can be easily downgraded. However, they have made it clear this chip does not RUN HOMEBREW or ISO's in any way. It simply downgrades and fixes bricked or completely screwed firmware PSP's. From what I've read from my limited programming understanding, it can also re-boot your PSP if you stuff up an upgrade or downgrade process on your PSP. It is currently on sale and various MOD chip stores and websites. I might list some later if people are interested. Or google it. It is also easier to install into the PSP, it required NO SOLDERING. So less risk burning holes in your PSP. I however wouldn't suggest it. Its safer to give it to a MOD chip installer. At the moment there are no pre-installed Devolution PSP's available but I'm sure in time it will come. Of course this chip is also compatible on pretty much any other PSP to. So in key points:

    - It downgrades ANY firmware (I don't know how far this is capable of)
    - It fixes Bricked PSP's
    - It uses NO battery power whatsoever
    - Easy install compared to the UP
    - Can (I think) Re boot from the PC via USB.
    - COMPATIBLE WITH TA-082 and TA-086 motherboards, and can downgarde 3.04 and up!

    Technical INFO from the developers:

    We had to release two different versions of the PSP-Devolution. Thats's a 3.3V version for ta79 - ta81 boards and and a 1.8V version for all ta-82+ boards. This problem couldnt have been solved by a simple jumper on the pcb because we need to set the output values before programming the ACTEL ICs.


    - Flash your PSP using the internal USB Port

    - no additional USB Port required

    - latest ACTEL ProASIC 3 technology

    - NO power consumption

    - doesn't touch the battery power in any way, powered by USB for the time being used to flash the PSP

    - preassembled hi-tech flex pcb for easiest possible conection to the psp mainboard

    - works on all available PSP versions incl. the new TA-082 and TA-086

    - custom BIOS with a lot of cool additional features (tba)


    Now, the Undiluted platinu chip (which I will refer to as UP. My fingers are tired and my arms ache from kickboxing training) UP is the PSP owners dream come true. Forget downloading PSP firmwares. Its already hacked once this is installed. if Dark Alex was hit by a train, we don't need him. The UP modchip is here! But what does it do? Good question. Heres a rundown, from my understanding. This Chip can support multiple firmwares. It also comes with an extra flash thingy which means, if you brick, you reboot from the extra flash! easy as that! It does however require soldering. So very risky. But fear not! For a US$ you can buy pre-installed MOD chips from $450. In OZ the cheapest I could find was AU$480. You can also pay for installation which is highly advised unless you are experienced and have damn steady hands. Installation is very complex with multiple solder points and sensitive wire. Once broken, you are officially stuffed. This however DOES NOT, I REPEATED DOES NOT SUPPORT TA-082 MOTHERBOARDS. So if you have a TA-082 motherboard, hard luck. This is a hacking mod chip too. So it hacks regions and stuff like that if your a UMD movie user (i love UMD movies. So clear....) and like custom firmware a REBOOT option is automatically available when pressing L1. Also the FMC cable (although easy to rip, is also very durable once installed) the PSP is less succumbable to shock when dropped. Like the devolution chip, it is completely retained in the PSP. It also can be connected to your hard drive (?) someone needs to explain that to me... Although I assume it means you can access stuff from your hard drive like music, movies, text, games etc... It is also re-bootable from the PC via USB cable.

    So heres a simple and quick summary from the developers:

    * Run your Homebrew Code in even the latest PSP's
    * No need for Hacked Firmware anymore, Dual Flash boot will bust your PSP wide open with possibilities
    * Play your Homebrew or Backup Games, Movies and Apps
    * Ultra reliable and feature rich Actel ProASIC Plus FPGA
    * Full Speed USB 1.1 ASIC onboard
    * Branded 32MB NAND flash onboard (same flash as used in PSP)
    * Stable and reliable flashing software freely available for download
    * Installation verification using flashing software
    * Ultra compact four layer PCB
    * High quality Japanese connectors
    * USB cable included
    * FPC cable included, reducing installation effort and improving shock resistance
    * Copper enamel wire included
    * Open platform development system for software developers
    * Installation has been optimized to fit entirely inside PSP
    * All PSP hardware versions/regions supported
    * User updatable flash
    * Low power consumption
    * Flash select via button press
    * Ultra compact PCB has been designed to avoid signal bounce

    so those are the two motherboards. Which do you think is better?

    I also have some questions about the chips so if anyone's a PSP pro and could help me, either PM me or post here. I'm hoping people will get into this thread cause its also helpful for the many people with downgrade problems.

    happy days and when a storm comes...

    run for cover.
  2. faqman98

    faqman98 Regular member

    Apr 12, 2007
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    i'd say devolution cuz all of the extra features and such in UP are all useless if u have a OE
  3. glenquag

    glenquag Regular member

    Mar 7, 2007
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    He doesn't have an OE.
  4. Phillish

    Phillish Member

    Jun 20, 2007
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    assume im starting from scratch. anyways, went out and got another psp. white this time... decided to get a devolution chip. easy and simple and less complex.

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