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PSP Flash Player

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by brad1963, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. brad1963

    brad1963 Guest

    I have v.3.52M33 and enjoy it.I have recently came across some SWF games that i would like to check out.After i have the Flash Player enabled on my PSP.Not sure how to work it though.I have downloaded the SWFPlayer v.1.3 on my PC.Ho w& Where do i download the SWFPlayer 1.3 on my PSP?Also, How & Where would i download the games that are SWF format?I searched every where for a more detailed instructions on how to do this.
    Last question,........How do you delete the threads that are created under my user name?Some how another person is asking questions under my user name?
  2. slinkr

    slinkr Member

    Sep 9, 2007
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    before you read on you must first have your psp 'flash enabled'. to do this you will require a wireless internet connection. follow the instructions and you should have by the end successfully enabled flash .

    okay, now im not sure if there is a SWFPlayer 1.3 for psp, but you can play SWFs on the psp depending on the size of the file and that you have a web browser on your psp.

    1. SWF finding
    its best to use Mozilla Firefox. Google this or go to the Mozilla Firefox website to download the web browser. once you have successfully downloaded and set up mozilla you can then go to the desired site for flash content. when the page has loaded with the SWF, considering that this is a copy protection site go to tools~page info~media~then scroll through the listings of file types until you get to a embedded file which should be the SWF then save as to the desired file direction. now that you have this flash content go to to your desktop~my computer~your psp[which is shown as a removable disk]~psp~common~now paste the SWF in the common file.

    2.playing the SWF
    now, that we have the SWF we can now play it.
    go to the web browser on your psp, dont connect to the internet though.
    now if you click the triangle button it should come up with all the options. now, go up to the URL bar and click X and enter the following address:
    file:/psp/common/(name of the SWF).swf.
    the flash content should now load:D.
    plz note: you should not play files that are to large because it will show up with a message saying 'the following content cannot be displayed' and the content may be a bit buggy because the psp cant play high frame SWFs that well.
  3. sicdude

    sicdude Regular member

    Jun 12, 2013
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    i can't see how that is possible are you sure the name is exactly the same,the best thing to do is get intouch with a moderator

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