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psp need refurbishing

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Games' started by tronyca, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. tronyca

    tronyca Guest

    i got my psp the 2nd month after it came out in the U.S now it look really old. i need a new body for the whole thing. the lcd screen as some scratch and a little gummy thing is stickingout over the screen it self.

    what i ant to know it can i send it some where to be completely refurbished or can i just buy all the part my self and do it. which is cheaper. o yeah! i dont want my firm ware up dated. it still at "firmware 1.50 loving it"
  2. canuckerz

    canuckerz Regular member

    Dec 25, 2006
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    theres 2 things u could do off ebay, you could buy a bricked psp and then put all of your psp's guts into it. or you could buy a new custom faceplate, im planning on getting an official blue faceplate myself for my black psp.
  3. tronyca

    tronyca Guest

    so there is no company out there that would refurb my psp at a price.
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  4. ac1D

    ac1D Guest

    i dont think so, mybe some underground comp shop but the better idea like he said is to buy a bricked psp off ebay for around 50 buck
  5. deejizzle

    deejizzle Guest

    if your looking for decals or brand new faceplates, i suggest decalgirl. dont worry, its not porn. just the name of the site. anyways.. they have really sick designs and faceplates. they even have buttons. as for you screen.. if you want to replace it i guess you can.. but it pretty damn hard.. dont be a noov at it if you are planning to get it. and use protective film!
  6. ac1D

    ac1D Guest

    i learned that ! lol.
    and the correct link is : http://www.decalgirl.com/
  7. tronyca

    tronyca Guest

    i tryed looking for a brick psp on ebay but i did find any. maybe i need to type somthing other that "psp brick"
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  8. pecavuk

    pecavuk Guest

    ive seen some ``retard ipod``s at ebay wich means that they are brocken.
    Look some more cuz i dont know what else to say

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