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pstwo laser conversion?

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by gizmobg, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. gizmobg

    gizmobg Guest

    hey guys, I cant get a solid answer for what I am asking (and a quick look through these forums didnt reveal a answer)

    I have a pstwo slim (70011)

    it was pre modified with a matrix infinity... I want to say i bought it about 4 or so years ago.

    I think it has the laser protection fix installed, because i had about 3 dms4 chips burn the laser within hours of playing before they sent me this one.

    It has played well until recently, backups and originals. Now all of the sudden, it is having a hard time playing backups. It dosent seem to matter what disc brand i use, or how old the back up is, it just has a hard time loading.

    I'm assuming my laser has bit the dust (or should i say, thats what ive read)

    I was looking around for pre modded pstwos for a buddy of mine, and came across a site that was selling a "V15" pstwo which didnt suffer "from weak laserS"

    so my question is, will a v15 laser bolt up into my ps2? It would be great to fix it for 40 bucks instead of buying another unit.

    I dont know if the laser itself is different, or if sony has their own laser protection chip installed.

  2. vcbc

    vcbc Regular member

    Apr 15, 2006
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    70011 is a V14. V9/10/12 are the only ps2 that suffer from laser crapping up because of sony's bad laser protection. So buying a V15, would be like having a V14 that u currently have. What type of DVD's do u use alot? Cheap/bad and scratched up disk kills the laser faster, best disk to use that u can find in stores are sony disk. Probably your laser is just dieing, u can get a laser block for bout 40$ which is quite cheap.
    you need the PVR-802 or SPU-3170 depending on where u live. PVR are mostly in USA.
  3. gizmobg

    gizmobg Guest

    ill be honest, at first i didnt use the best of media.

    after the first couple backups i had, i started using white sony dvd+r discs. (they even played better) And they all live in a cd case when not in use, so the backs are really clean.

    So I've read a few topics on how to replace the laser itself... seems pretty straight forward. Seems like the most important part is to open the case from the back to front.

    Now, with the mod chip in there... is there any wiring i should watch out for?

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