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PSTwo "Magic Switch" solution

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by pcroxton, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. pcroxton

    pcroxton Guest

    Here what i found on the web for PSTwo

    "Magic Switch", the set includes two pieces: a custom-molded plastic plug for the PSTwo rear lid sensor, and also a plastic switch clip for the front lid sensor... allowing users to play ALL of their LEGAL back-ups and Import games using the Swap Magic Discs with the simple flick of a switch

    The "Magic Switch" set matches the PSTwo (SCPH-700XX models) installation should take under 1 minute as follows: Simply unscrew the top of your PSTwo, snap on the cap and click the switch into place, clip the peg off of the PSTwo lid underside, and replace the top cover- that's it! Oh, and enjoy your PS2 games!

    Here are the sites you can buy from:
    htpp://www.lik-sang.com, etc...
  2. motoxthor

    motoxthor Guest

    yeah i saw that, great idea, there is sposed to be 1 more thing to come out in the near future to solve the swap magic prob for pstwo. i may be eating my words, but whatever it is, it will be hard to top this switch idea! the best thing about it, 7 bux.
  3. Iceboie

    Iceboie Guest

    From what I heard, the third solution is to replace the PStwo case completely, top and bottom.
  4. pcroxton

    pcroxton Guest

    the "magic switch" cost around $9 included shipping the PSTwo "lid" cost around $20 + shipping
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  5. rekmaster

    rekmaster Guest

    you can buy it in europe too, www.futura-online.com and a new site www.magicswitch.net

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