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Discussion in 'PS2' started by rogbese, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. rogbese

    rogbese Guest

    hello peeps!
    Simply put, [bold]WHY[/bold] cant I make backups and play them without a mod??? I would appreciate [bold]detailed[/bold] details about why this is so. I just got a slimline and im really hemed in. I am being billed the equivalent of $100 to mod my PStwo so I would also appreciate details on what modchip to go with. Could someone also give me a list of good, time consuming adventure games?! Thanx!!!
  2. steimy

    steimy Active member

    Dec 2, 2004
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    Ok, First off you can spend $30-40 and get Swap Magic and a flip top
    or even Swap Magic and Slimtool.
    Then you can play back ups.
    They will not play because there is an area on a (pressed) original PS2 game that you can not burn, there for you need some kind of mod so that you can trick the PS2 into thinking it is an original.
    but is you have a chioce a say a mod chip is the way to go, it will cost you but be well worth it.
    Or you can get a DMS4 Pro chip. If you do make sure you visit this site and get the flash for it.

    The other good chip i have heard alot about is the Matrix Infinity, although i do not have one myself to give you personal info.

    And i do not know what you concider adventure games.
    Grand Theft Auto is a good series, Demon Stone is a lot of fun for the fantasy gamer, Killzone, Killswitch, either Prince Of Pursia is great, All of the Splinter Cell games.
    There are sooooo many good games out there
  3. rogbese

    rogbese Guest

    thanx for the info steimy. ive read that those swap thing dont play all backups. how true is this? what can u tell me about the ripper3 and messiah7 modchips? is the installation a thing i can do on my own?
    ive also read something on the dead beef syndrome for v12's.

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