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PSX Roms Help

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Marz13, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Marz13

    Marz13 Guest

    well i am running a PSX emulator and i only have like 2 roms one of them is in a CCD,IMG,CUE, and SUB i belive if i remember correctly...and the other is just a BIN and CUE file....i am hoping to back up my PSX games so i can play them from my emulator from now on since i no longer own a PS or PS2. can anyone please help with how to go a bout getting a BIN and CUE from the original disc? any help i would be very greatfull for!
  2. Marz13

    Marz13 Guest

    nothing???lol...if you know of anything please let me know or link me to a tutorial if possible thanks!!!
  3. NHS2008

    NHS2008 Regular member

    Dec 14, 2006
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    just put in PlayStation CD-ROM in your PC Drive.
    Go to Nero run it.
    there should be an option such as 'copy entire disc'
    choose that when you have to choose the drive to burn(same if you have one different if multiple/optional) set it to Nero Virtual Drive OR Nero
    Image Drive. and set the read drive to your CD-ROM drive. now select the place where to save your image(bin/cue) and select the Bin/cue option from the pull-down menu. should take couple of miniutes (30 mins most)
  4. Marz13

    Marz13 Guest

    thanx alot i have nero 7 im gonna give it a shot!i realy appriciate it!!!
  5. varnull

    varnull Guest

    Nero doesn't really make a compliant file structure within the .img file, and never ever reads the subchannel data (important for some games as that's where the music is.. and in some of the FF series the fight sequence control gui is there too)

    Read this..

    Just save the games in the .img format, or burn a playstation compatible disk with alcohol. You will find the emulator will happily play ps1 originals, it's worth trying them first to see if there are any strange issues with the games themselves.
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