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PulseVU 2 & 2X Questions...

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by twiggs462, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. twiggs462

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    May 18, 2007
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    I finally got in my second order I placed with you guys although I got the wrong item in.. I ordered the PulseVU 2 for my Wii and got the PulseVU 2X... Not sure what happened... anyways.

    I know that the Pulse VU 2X was designed to work on the XBOX360, but your SickMods Site states:

    "This device is able to calibrate to the audio of nearly any target device, allowing it to be installed in practically any console, PC, or anything else with a 3V-5V power source. For use in the Wii however, we recommend the PulseVU 2."

    Can I still install this device... and if so what functionality will it have... All I want is audio feedback.. I don't need message reminders... and it doesn't have to work when the Wii is off because I turn my Wii all the way off when not playing it.

    Will I get any functionality at all out the PulseVU 2X at all. I just don't feel like sending it back... the first package got lost and i have waiting this long to get this in...

    Anyone with experience with SickMods' items please advise. Thanks!
  2. Oxadillia

    Oxadillia Guest

    Basically the 2 version is designed for the Wii, and so SHOULD work in the Wii. The 2X version is designed for use on a Xbox 360. The reason for this confusion is that they state that technically it could go into any system, as it calibrates the audio.

    What they failed to mention is how. I am fairly sure that the 2X version will not work in the Wii (unless you are VERY experienced), as it is not meant to be there. I would stick to the 2 version, as this is designed solely for the Wii.

    Also, why create another model designed specifically for the Wii? In doing so I am assuming that there are some major issues with the 2X in a Wii, which explains the 2 version model.

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