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Question about my modded ps2...

Discussion in 'PS2' started by bigair, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. bigair

    bigair Guest

    I have a modded ps2, but its not detecting any backups. I know its supposed to work(it was my friends,played it at his house). He told me theres this way to detect the games where u press the reset butten or somtin. All i know that this is an old ps2 with an old mod chip. If any one knows wat the trick is to play backups please post. THanks
  2. motoxthor

    motoxthor Guest

    well did u load something like toxic on the chip? u have to do that b4 it will play backups. go on the chip manufacturers website and it will have details on wht to do
  3. bigair

    bigair Guest

    I actually got it working. The thing is I just keep restarting the ps2 until it works. I know this cant be the way to play backups because it looks like that can screw up the ps2.

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