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Question.. urgent..

Discussion in 'PS2' started by carlmax85, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. carlmax85

    carlmax85 Guest

    hello everybody...
    my problem, is that i want to install a hard disk in my ps2 for installing games and play emus in there " i mean roms, coz i know almost all emus run on cd"... the thing is that i'm tired of reading and don't find concrete answers for my questions..
    I mean.. how the...do i start on all this..
    i have some hd loader lite and some other craps names that is supposed to handle over 2 terrabytes of hd.. but i don't know how to start... anyone can helpme, or know a GOOD tutorial that can advice me..... i have wasted tons of time reading, and i haven't make the first step....
    thx in advance for the one that spent a little time helping me..
  2. carlmax85

    carlmax85 Guest

    and by the way.. any idea where to get diagrams or schematics for the pstwo..?

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